Tainted Desires (Tainted Series Book 2) by Autumn Winchester

Tainted Desires is a highly emotional story. Ollie faces challenges that are hard to imagine. This story made me look around and wonder how many people have to go through something like this.

From the blurb:

Ollie has always felt different, but he’s accepted it.
When a potential love interest doesn’t work out, fate steps in and starts to torment him, with strange events connected to a mysterious charm he finds.

Determined not to let the bad outweigh the good, Ollie sets his sights on someone who may not be ready to let fate have control.

Despite the challenges, he refuses to let them get him down and fights for love and happiness, eventually finding that some things that set us apart are what brings us together.

Reedkaye's Review:

This is a heart wrenching story. Ollie is a man who has disabilities that make it hard for him to perform a normal lifestyle. He also has a complete lack of ego and self-confidence. He has all but given up on a relationship when Levi steps into his life and changes things for him.

Levi is not looking for any relationship. Circumstances cause him to run into Ollie enough times that Levi steps in to help Ollie when he needs it.

As the two become better acquainted Ollie is sure he wants Levi to be something he professes he is not.  

Ollie’s story is full of heartbreak. Luckily, he has a cousin that steps in and helps him, a job he enjoys and possibilities of life changing for the better for him.

This is not like this author’s stories I’ve read before. It is also highly emotional, which she is known for, but doesn’t carry the darkness some of her other stories have had and enjoy. This author writes characters that so easily could be the person you are, interact with or see daily. Tainted Desires made me stop and think about friends I have with some of these disabilities but also how many people I could be interacting with daily that face these challenges.

Rating: 5 Stars

Lori C's Review:

Oliver is a teacher assistant who loves kids and identifies as a little himself. He was abused as a child and then taken advantage of by a professor at his college. This leaves him traumatized in ways that make it hard for him to be fully adult while also enjoying his little side. 

Levi is someone who refuses all labels and relationships. However, fate isn’t happy with all his decisions and keeps putting Ollie in his path. How is he to keep his heart out of it when he just sees someone, a friend, who needs help? What will happen when a particularly rough anxiety attack has Levi seeing a vulnerable Ollie in a light he wasn’t prepared for?

Rating: 4 Stars

Tainted Desires is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.