Secrets, Lies and Key Lime Pie by A.D. Ellis and Declan Rhodes

We return to Willow Springs to learn about Secrets, Lies and Key Lime Pie.

From the blurb:

Travis Kent is the average Joe of Willow Springs. Great friends, a steady job, and–well, he made peace with a lacking love life a long time ago. Everything changes when Travis is the victim of theft and the very new, very young police chief shows up at his door. Eli Rogers left the big city and his past behind. He may be young, but he’s determined to solve the crime and make a place for himself in Willow Springs.

Secrets, lies, and busybodies are part of small town life, but Travis and Eli would rather not be smack dab in the middle of mysterious drama. The fiery connection they share is more than the two men could ever hope for, but unsolved crimes, sneaky townsfolk, and a hidden past may end up being more than they bargained for.

Secrets, Lies and Key Lime Pie is a 60,000-word gay romance with opposites attract, age gap, and a touch of cozy mystery themes. It is the second book in the Willow Springs series. All books can be read as standalone stories, but characters from each book will reappear across the series. A happily ever after ending is guaranteed.

Heather's Review:

It's always fun to read a collab between these two authors - they are able to bring together sweet, steam, small town and age gap with a bit of mystery that kept me reading straight through from beginning to end.

I enjoyed the way that we learned more about Travis Kent throughout the books, where his convictions came from and what lead him to believe that he isn't worthy of a long-term love.  I also love that Eli had a vision and a resolve for what he wants from a relationship and while he pushes Travis out of his comfort zone, it isn't too much of a push!

Returning to Willow Springs, we have the air of magic and tradition which is a sweet addition, but I also love the attention to detail for their first overnight trip together.

If you like a well balanced small town romance with an age gap and a touch of mystery, you'll enjoy Secrets, Lies and Key Lime Pie.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Secrets, Lies and Key Lime Pie is currently available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.