Scorch by Elouise East (Illuminate Matchmaking series)

Imagine waiting two years for your matchmade date.... and then he doesn't show... or does he?  Scorch by Elouise East gives us the next novella in the Illuminate Matchmaking series.

From the blurb:

Nothing like being stood up to make him feel worthy…

Riley has been grieving his lack of love life for long enough, or so his brother tells him. But he’s been on Illuminate’s books for two years already and no match.. Finding someone who loves being tied up while Riley does wicked things to him is easy, but finding someone who is safe to be around his daughter is another thing entirely. When he’s finally matched, the crushing pain he feels when his date is a no-show is hard to bear.

Xander has spent his entire life fending for himself and learning who he is because he has no one to tell him where he came from. Finding himself is still a work in progress, but when he starts working for Illuminate Matchmaking, he can’t help but want what he sees the company achieve every week. Someone to love him for all his flaws and kinks. Someone to love what they see - inside and out.

A shock twist finds Xander on a date he isn’t expecting…

A single dad, hurt/comfort, MM matchmaking novella.

Heather's Review:

The Illuminate Matchmaking series pairs shy and introverted Riley with uber-independent Xander and takes them on a train trip to Edinburgh where they both experience new things and new feelings... I also love the addition of Riley's adorable daughter and how the family embraces Xander.

Scorch packs in lots of feels, some steam and a hurt/comfort trope into a quick and sweet read.  

Rating: 4 Stars

Scorch is available in e-book format and is in wide distribution.