#NSFWednesday: Contractually Yours by Sarah Honey


Let's celebrate Hump Day with a steamy #NSFWednesday excerpt from Sarah Honey's latest, Contractually Yours.

From the Blurb:

Nate just signed up to take a werewolf lover. Hottest. Summer. Ever.

The Shiftercorp Companion Program— where willing humans can sign up to offer their services as a werewolf ‘companion' for the summer, and be generously compensated for their time and services.

Perth local Nathan Watson is young, single and loves sex, so it makes sense to apply to spend his summer as a shifter' s lover. He' s thrilled when he' s accepted by Shiftercorp, but when the werewolf he chose as his partner is no longer available, a mysterious stranger steps up to claim his contract.

Nate is cautious, but agrees to at least meet the wolf in question— and when he does? Sign him up. Cooper Hudson is drop-dead gorgeous, compelling and irresistible, and Nate can' t keep his hands off him. His only concern is that Cooper's obviously hiding something about who he is and what he does. Still, Nate' s almost certain Cooper isn' t an underworld boss.

Well, sixty-percent certain.

When Cooper Hudson saw Nate' s profile, he wanted him. And while it probably wasn' t strictly ethical to use his position to claim Nate as his companion, Cooper' s looking forward to flying to Western Australia and spending time with this gorgeous boy. He expects a pleasant summer fling—no more, no less.

Then he meets Nate, and the chemistry between them is scorching. Cooper falls hard— and recognises Nate as his true mate. Now he just has to figure out how to tell him. Oh, and there' s the small matter of what, exactly, Cooper does for a living.

But he's sure it'll be fine.



There was a moment where they stood frozen, then there was a flurry of motion as Nate yanked Cooper’s jacket off and flung it across the room before unbuttoning his own shirt and shucking out of it.

“Oh, baby. You’re all kinds of perfect, aren’t you?” Cooper breathed, awestruck.

Nate was gorgeous. He had well-muscled pecs, and the barbell through one nipple had Cooper’s mouth watering with the need to latch onto it and tug until Nate begged— whether for more or for mercy, Cooper didn’t care.

Nate’s cheeks flushed pink. “I’m not perfect.”

“Oh, I beg to differ, gorgeous boy.” Cooper reached out and grazed a thumb over the piercing. “Got any more surprises like this for me?”

Nate shivered at his touch. “Just that one. I was going to get both done but it stung like a bitch.”

“Worth it, from where I’m standing.” Cooper gave in to the urge to give the metal bar an experimental tug.

Nate groaned. “Fuck, do that again.”

“Oh, I will. I plan to touch you all over, baby.” He could see it now—Nate naked and begging, and Cooper touching and tasting every inch of that tan skin, kissing along the ink of his tattoo. His cock hardened further at the thought.
Nate had kicked off his shoes and was fumbling with his belt, and Cooper wasted no time following his example in a race to feel Nate’s bare skin against his own. He paused, though, when Nate pushed his suit pants and underwear down and stepped out of them. His cock, long and thick, sprang up and slapped against his belly. Nate was uncut, and the sight of the tip of his cock peeking out of his foreskin, rosy and inviting, had Cooper’s breath catching.

He’d planned to spend some time getting to know Nate before coaxing him into bed in a slow, smooth seduction—but as soon as Nate had stepped into his presence, that idea had gone out of the window. There had been an immediate, tangible attraction between them, a pull that was nothing short of hypnotic.

It was almost impossible to resist, and Cooper wasn’t even going to try. He didn’t quite know what had come over him, but he did know who he wanted to come over him—namely, Nate. He dropped his shirt on the floor, then dropped to his knees right next to it. He needed that cock in his mouth, right now. “Fuck, baby. Can I taste you?”
Nate went wide-eyed, his cheeks staining pink, and his cock bobbed against his stomach. A drop of pre-cum welled up and dripped from the head, and Cooper didn’t bother waiting for a reply, instead leaning in and giving a long, slow lick. Nate tasted of clean skin, musk and salt, and Cooper gave another lick, hungry for more, before taking the head in his mouth.

Nate whimpered, his hips rocking forward, and Cooper wrapped his hands around the back of his thighs and held him in place. The coarseness of leg hair against his palms and the soft velvet of dick skin against his tongue was a heady contrast, one that had his own cock straining in his suit pants.

He fucking loved giving head.

He swallowed Nate’s cock down farther, savouring the fresh bursts of pre-cum on his tongue as he sucked and bobbed and licked. Nate let out a series of desperate noises that only spurred him on. Cooper didn’t hesitate to use every trick he knew to bring Nate closer to the edge, and it wasn’t long before Nate tangled one hand in his hair and gave a sharp tug. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna—”

Cooper grinned around a mouthful of cock. He pulled off with a wet pop, wrapping a hand around Nate’s shaft and working it, mesmerised by the slide of soft skin over hard flesh and the scent of desperation and pre-cum. “Gonna come on my face, baby?” he rasped out. “Paint me pretty, Nate?”

“Oh, fuck,” Nate gasped, his hips stuttering and the hand in Cooper’s hair tightening. “Fuck.” He let out a low grunt as his cock throbbed against Cooper’s palm, and Cooper closed his eyes just in time for the first streaks of cum to land on his face and across his lips, wet and warm and the best kind of filthy.

He swiped his tongue across his bottom lip to catch the flavour of his lover, and oh, he wanted more. He leaned forward, guiding Nate’s still pulsing cock into his mouth, and eased him through the last of his orgasm, groaning at the delicious richness of Nate’s release.

He could have stayed there all day, rolling in the scent and taste of his boy, but Nate let out a broken whine and tugged at his hair again, trembling.

He pulled off and pressed a soft kiss to the crease of Nate’s thigh. Nate stumbled backward and collapsed into one of the armchairs in the suite.

Cooper couldn’t suppress the curl of satisfaction in his gut when he took in Nate’s dazed, fucked-out expression. “You like that, baby?”

Nate let out a shaky laugh. “I mean, obviously. Wow.” 

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