Never Let It End (Rock U Book 3) by Christie Gordon

Never Let It End is the third book in this rock star romance series. 

From the blurb:

A male student suffering from trauma. A male professor reaping the rewards of his life’s work. When forced to choose between love and his new career, will love win?

Caleb Allen

I wasn’t looking for love, but it found me anyways. I was healing from the trauma of gun violence by
vacationing on a beach in Mexico with my best friends and bandmates. Then he blows into my life, turns it upside down and gives me the safety and love I need. Problem is, he’s about to be a professor in my college and relationships between students and faculty are prohibited. Are we really saying goodbye after everything we’ve shared?

Eric Moore

After years of hard work, I’ve finally become a professor. On top of that, the affair with my old boss is about to stop. To celebrate my success and reset my life, I’m spending a month on a beach in Mexico. Then he shows up in the house next door and burrows into my heart. Can I really let him go at the end of his vacation?

When we both go home, a change in class schedules means Caleb is now one of my students. It’s important enough to tell him in person before classes start. When I confront him at his band’s show, I can’t say goodbye again. We start a secret relationship, but my old boss is a major donor to my college and he’s quickly figuring it out. How can I keep the career of my dreams and hang on to the man I love?

Never Let It End is the third book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features an age gap, hurt/comfort, and a bad-boy rocker in love with his professor. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a level-headed student suffering from trauma, and a man who’s trying to start a new life on the right path. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

Angel's Review:

This book is about Eric and Caleb who met while they were both in Mexico in vacation. As soon as these two met they knew they wanted one another, and what started off as a summer fling, soon turned into something neither men expected.  

Once they get back from their vacation both men are heartbroken, and miss each other deeply. Even though they only spent a few days together while they were in Mexico, they developed feelings in that short period of time. And now that the semester's starting they have to find a way to either make it work, or walk away. 

I liked this book, I think the characters worked well together and I think the writing was good too. I definitely appreciated both of these men putting in the effort to make their relationship work even though it was complicated. I also loved that Caleb and the other guys in the band sang a song that gave them the ability to try to heal from the trauma they experienced. Eric was so supportive of Caleb the whole time, and that was sweet of him. Overall a good book, I'm looking forward to reading Silas's book. Even though he's been a side character in these books, we still don't know much about him. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Eric and Caleb have an instant connection that transcends their holiday hook-up and that's where it gets a little convoluted... Eric is a newly minted professor in the same department as Caleb is a senior student... and they keep their relationship hidden even after Eric ends up teaching Caleb...   I realize this is for plot, but I struggled with that part of the plot, because honestly, a lot of the arguments were a non-factor, and if I skip past that drama, I love the relationship and the way the two men support and love each other....

This book also focuses on Caleb's recovery from the traumatic shooting that happened in a previous book, including nightmares and PTST, mentions a past sibling death and has a blackmail/angry ex type sub-plot so if any of those are triggering for you, please be aware.

Rating: 4 Stars

Never Let It End is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, hardback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.