Liberation: An MM Human x Monster Romance (Innocent Monsters) by Stella Rainbow

"What a unique twist on fated mates." Angel on Liberation.

From the blurb:

A wyvern who doesn't trust humans. A human who implicitly trusts him.


I knew what monsters looked like, because I'd been raised by one, afraid and unable to get away because he was the strongest thing I knew. Until the day our village was attacked by a mythical beast and it almost made the monster wet himself.

After another bad day with the monster, I packed up and headed into the mountains to find that beast. When a strange, yellow-eyed man rescued me, I ended up finding a lot more than the beast I'd been looking for.


When the human I trusted and loved called me a monster after seeing my true form, I left everyone and everything behind and made a home for myself in the mountains, determined to never trust another soul for as long as I lived.

But then I stumbled across a strange, injured human, a human who wasn't afraid of me even after I showed him what I really was. Everything changed when I discovered he was my mate, and I realized I would do anything for this man, including punishing the humans who'd hurt him.

Liberation is a monster x human MM romance featuring a trans wyvern who is lonely but wouldn't admit it, a human who wants all the soft touches but doesn't know how to ask for them, and a romance that feels like being wrapped up in your favorite blanket.

Angel's Review:

I was excited to read Liberation after I read Salvation, which was the first book in this monster series. I was looking forward to reading about a wyvern shifter cause I haven't come across too many books with that type of shifter. I was pleasantly surprised by the elements in this book along with the MC's. Both Amell and Lancelot have been hurt by people in their pasts but together they help heal those scars that other people have caused. I liked reading about these two getting to know one another better over a period of time, I thought things progressed really nicely. 

Nothing happened too fast or was dragged out, and least not in my opinion. I quite liked their love story and I thought it was very unique. The fact that Lancelot could not only shift into a wyvern but he could also shapeshift into other creatures was very interesting! I loved how Amell gained certain powers/abilities after he and Lancelot mated, that was a really nice aspect that was completely unique to this story. 

There weren't really any other characters that were in the story apart from the people who treated Amell so poorly. Nox and Harlan made an appearance but that was about it for side characters.  I wished we got a bonus scene following up what Amell and Lancelot discussed in the epilogue, but that's a very minor thing. Overall I thought this book was a really great twist on the fated mate trope. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Liberation is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.