Everything I Didn't Know by Nicky James

Joining a group to save the environment, Bowie and Collin had no idea what they were getting into. Later as Bowie has made some choices his plans are tossed out when he is given responsibility for a new couple who just joined. Nothing is what it seems. People are not who they appears to be. Disobeying the rules has severe consequences. Reedkaye read Everything I Didn't Know.

From the blurb:

It was supposed to be an escape. A new life living off the land.
It was supposed to be a peaceful community. A family.

But it was a lie.

Six months after he arrived, Bowie learned the hard truth about Oasis.

There are rules, and they are made to be followed.
The consequence of disobedience is deadly.

Once you’re in Oasis, you’re never getting out. And its cultish founder has eyes everywhere.

One year into his survival, with a plan to escape slowly simmering to life, Bowie is faced with a problem. New members have joined the community, among them a man who catches Bowie’s eye. Foster is attractive, older, and so far as Bowie is concerned, completely unavailable. This doesn’t stop Foster from flirting or poking his nose where it doesn’t belong. His reckless behavior will get him in trouble, but Foster doesn’t seem to realize he’s playing with fire.

One wrong step and history will repeat itself.

Bowie can’t allow that to happen and telling Foster the truth about Oasis comes with risks.

A fragile alliance forms. A budding romance develops. And more secrets are unveiled.

When their plans fall apart, Bowie and Foster find themselves in a tangled race to escape Oasis and expose the commune before it’s too late.

Reedkaye's Review:

I’m not sure I even know how to start a review for Everything I Didn't Know. Again, this unique author has come out of who knows where with a story and characters so original. This author never follows the cookie cutter path to the stories she writes and each time she blows me away not only with the originality of the story but the uniqueness of the personalities and locations.  

This is a cult story. Some people are easily swayed by promises of a better future, lifestyle and wellbeing for themselves and others. The environment is what the draw is for Bowie and Collin. A place called Oasis with a founder and leader that is completely memorizing. Only after a short time they find out things are not as expected. One main issue is the rules. Disobedience is not handled well. 

Bowie reconsiders his options and has decided his next moves when a couple join the group and Bowie is in charge of introducing them into the lifestyle and rules.  

Foster and Paxton are not the normal group members. They are newly engaged and Foster has a problem with being independently opinionated. This story takes a number of twists and turns. People are not exactly who they appear to be. Things do go as planned. At one point I got almost afraid who might get killed. I’m amazed how this author can take a story and give me such a well described location, events and people that I feel like I’m actually reading a true story being reported. 

I enjoyed the story and the way the author puts together all the pieces at the end.

Rating: 5 Stars

Everything I Didn't Know is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.