Embracing Fate: A Gay MMA Sports Romance by Raquel Riley

Embracing Fate is not your usual MMA story. Max an ex MMA fighter talked into training Romero.  Romero a guy needing help to achieve the next step of his career.  Neither are gay yet are attracted to each other.

From the blurb:

With everything on the line, will Romero walk away from his dreams for the sake of love?

After Maxwell Denton suffered a career ending injury, he was forced to surrender his dream of competing in MMA. He had zero interest in training the new guy, but after going one round with Romero Ruiz, Max knew he’d met his match.

Having never been attracted to men, Max and Romero are caught off guard by their explosive chemistry. Their mutual desire burns hotter with each passing day as they navigate the meaning of their newfound passion.

Max is willing to risk his heart by walking away from Romero to give him a shot at his dream. But Romero can only choose one title. Welterweight Champion or Max’s lover. Which does he covet most?

Embracing Fate is a gay contemporary sports romance featuring bisexual awakenings, first times, and some laugh-out-loud awkward sexy adventures. Formerly published as Desiring Romero, it is now strictly an MM romance with new scenes added.

Reedkaye's Review:

This is a MMA story with a twist.  

Max is an ex MMA fighter who lost his chance but now has a career he enjoys more. He owns a security firm and also is a security guard for Sebastian. This gives him an apartment on an estate with plenty of amenities. Max also maintains his physical shape so when at the gym he gets asked to become a trainer.

Romero is a guy who has wanted to be a successful MMA fighter. He has done what he can to achieve it but is at a place he needs a trainer to help him achieve the next step. Max is the guy for it.

Neither of these guys are gay yet when they meet there is an attraction that neither can explain. 

Romero’s path to career success is met with a lot of decisions. Their path toward sexual awakening is entertaining and heartwarming. There are a few really good twists to this story and I really enjoyed Romero’s grandmother and the fear she brought to the story.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

I enjoyed getting to know Max and Rome.  Both men are experiencing attraction to a man for the first time and it's interesting to see the different path each of them take to the realization that they want more than friendship from each other.

This book was originally the second part of a duology and you can tell by the way some of the secondary characters are written that we might have been meant to know more about them, which for me was a little bit distracting, but overall it was great getting to know both the main and side characters in this book.

Rating: 4 Stars

Embracing Fate is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.