Duron (Assassin's To Order Book 3)by JP Sayle, Lisa Oliver

is a book that's not to be missed for fans of this series. Lots of twists and surprises ahead!

From the blurb:

Two men from different worlds, brought together. One seeks answers to a century-old problem.
The other is running from a destiny he doesn't want. What does Fate have in store for them?

Duron has wasted too much time dancing to the shifter council's tune. He has enough on his plate,
struggling to let go of a past infatuation. What he needs is an escape, and the offer to go to Paraguay on a hunt fits the bill.
What he doesn't expect? The new shifter council leader is his mate.

Newly appointed lead Beaumont wants to rid the council of its rotten apples, which includes anything connected to the assassin program. When one of those assassins turns out to be his mate, his determination increases. Except life never goes according to plan. The past is about to intersect with the present.

Can these two new mates handle the truth? Or will the Devil continue to hold all the cards and blow their world apart?

Duron is book three in Assassins to Order series, which is a gritty MM Paranormal Romance. The book includes scenes of graphic violence and intimacies between two alpha males that will make your toes curl.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

I'm really enjoying the Assasin's to Order series. It excited me that this book was Duron's because if you've been keeping up, then you know the poor assassin had a thing for Marvin. It must have been hard for him to watch his 'brother' and Marvin fall in love. I do think it was more of an infatuation. Marvin was the only person who had ever showed Duron kindness. It would be natural to latch onto him. Plus, Marvin is amazing. Even I love the sweet hybrid! But back to Duron. I had no idea what to expect when I found out Beaumont was the man fate picked for Duron. I didn't know how these two would mesh, and I wondered if Beaumont being head of the council would be a stumbling block for them. I needn't have worried. These two were wild for each other. All the alpha male wrestling they did during steamy times had me fanning myself. No furniture is safe when these two get going, I'll tell you that. The plotline most definitely thickens my friends. Some stuff I saw coming, while some I did not. Lots of twists with this one. However, I'll end my review with this. These authors write fabulous collabs together, but they've got their work cut out for them if they're going to convince me that fate didn't make a mistake with it comes to my favorite assassin Wyatt. I look forward to them proving me wrong.

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

I'm loving these assassin books, and Duron was no different.
The story starts with a bang. Duron and Beaumont meet and immediately know they are mates. There's no drama, though they do have to focus on the case a little before they give in to their need to complete their bond.
Lots of twists and turns, Duron sets up the next couple of books. While I'd love it to be Wyatt, I think Conrad is next.
Beaumont was an interesting character, he has a lot of integrity and the ending showed he's the man for the council leader job.
Quick read for me because I couldn't put it down.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

Oh my, I was not prepared for all the twists and turns that occurred throughout Beaumont and Duron's journey. This book starts off with giving us Beaumont's tragic backstory, it's truly heartbreaking, you could practically feel his agony through the page. After the backstory we get taken to the moment Duron and Beaumont realize their fated mates, and from there we're taken on an action packed adventure full of some questions getting answered, while more questions simultaneously pop up. If you want to know what else happens you'll have to read this for yourself, cause I'm trying very hard to not put spoilers in this review. I always appreciate both Lisa and JP's writing styles, they compliment each other and come together to make truly incredible stories, with lovely characters! These characters are so well fleshed out and each and every one belong in this book, and in this series quite frankly. I don't know how these authors keep track of everyone and to keep their stories straight, but I'm so excited that they keep continuing to make these phenomenal stories!! There was so many shocking details that came up in this book that I want to talk about so bad! But I can't... Cause that would be a massive spoiler/spoilers! I was shocked by the cruelty of the 'Devil' which honestly, is a accurate name for the cruel man behind the despicable reputation. The horrors that both of the men went through and have had to deal with is horrifying, but together they make each other stronger. They help heal old wounds, and find ways to help each other cope with the pain that can become agonizing. I cannot recommend this book enough! And while this book can be read as a standalone, I strongly suggest you to read the whole series first, along with the shared world series called Tangled Tentacles.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Duron is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.