#SpotlightSunday - Two Weeks in Paradise by A.D. Ellis


For today's #SpotlightSunday, we shine a light on AD Ellis's latest release: Two Weeks in Paradise

From the Blurb:

Ben Stephens adores his daughter, loves making furniture, and is slowly but surely healing from a traumatic past. He’s even almost positive he’s okay with his only child getting married. The tropical destination wedding is outside of his comfort zone, but he can deal with it. After all, it’s for his baby girl, and it’s only two weeks.

Reggie Ward is proud of his son, knows working in theater is his calling, and has learned to cope with his anxiety-fueled ups and downs. Leaving his job and routine for his son’s wedding may send him into a downward spiral. The fact Ben, Mr. Dull and Uncultured himself, will also be on the trip has Reggie spiraling faster. But two weeks in paradise can’t be that bad, right?

Ben and Reggie get off on the wrong foot, but quickly realize they aren’t quite the nemeses they once thought they were. The gut-deep connection and fiery desire that sparks between the two men isn’t something either of them can ignore.

They spend their days adventuring through paradise and their nights exploring steamy kinks. How will Ben and Reggie deal with their island vacation coming to an end? Can either man face their prior lonely existence after they’ve had a taste of what life could be like?

Two Weeks in Paradise is an opposites-attract, forced proximity M/M romance between two widowers nearing fifty. This low-angst love story is perfect for fans of kinky steam mixed with sweet fluff.

Content Warning- this story has mentions of past terminal illness, death of a spouse, domestic abuse, and manipulation by religion. While the kink is on the lighter side, it does include- dirty talk, breeding, light nipple kink, light exhibitionist kink.


“I just want to make sure you’re one thousand percent certain this is what you want,” the quiet, gruff voice said from behind the partition in whatever airport terminal gate we’d ended up for a hellacious unexpected layover before the second flight of the day.





Ben Stephens may have been the perfect mix of gruff lumberjack and sexy dad bod, and I could admit he was a damn fine carpenter, but the man was not going to make his daughter question her marriage to my son.

Hell, no.

We were on the way to their small, private tropical destination wedding—if the damn weather would ever stop messing with our flights—and there was no way I was going to stand by and let Mr. Dull and Uncultured attempt to talk Megan out of marrying Jason.

“Dad, we’ve gone over this a million times,” Megan answered brightly with patience I definitely wouldn’t have had. “Jason is amazing. He’s smart, successful, and, most importantly, he treats me well. We’ve been together three years and never once have I come home heartbroken over something he’s said or done—unlike the other trash I dated way back when.”

“I just worry he’s not enough—” The words a fire poker jabbing at my anger.

“Careful, Dad, your Lariah is showing,” Megan warned.

Ben huffed a frustrated laugh. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I trust your judgement.”

Had I not been snugged into a hidden corner on the other side of the partition trying to rest as we waited for our plane to board—several hours late, let me point out—I knew I would have seen the signature Ben Stephens grumpy face. Worry line between unfairly perfect brown eyebrows, thin lips set firm, the beginning of crow’s feet around his hazel eyes. He’d run a hand over his face and his features would soften as they always did when he and Megan were together.

Living in the same town, having children of the same age dating, it wasn’t like I didn’t see Ben around. I didn’t know him well—and had no desire to—beyond knowing he owned a very successful carpentry business in town, his wife had died a while back, and he seemed perpetually grumpy outside of his time with his daughter. He was also the aforementioned dull and uncultured, but that was a judgement coming from my theater bitch side and maybe not completely fair.

However, if he was going to judge my son, my theater bitch could have her way with him.


Two Weeks in Paradise is currently available for sale on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.