Savior Complex, Wild Heart Ranch Book 3 by Kelly Fox

Finally reunited with his missing nephew, maybe Javier can overcome his guilt and find time for himself. Levy is an unexpected attraction as the sexy equine therapist makes Javier want to stay in one place for a while. Levy is used to caring for others but has he found someone that may want to care of him for a change?

From the blurb for Savior Complex:

Love isn't something I get to wish for. Ten years ago, my nephew was sold to traffickers, and it was my fault. I spent the next decade doggedly searching for him in the most awful places imaginable, unable to stop until I knew he was safe.

I finally track him down to Wild Heart Ranch, an equine therapy center in the heart of Texas with a secret mission to help victims of trafficking. While I get to know the funny, strong, disturbed man my nephew has become, I find comfort and companionship in Levy, the ranch's tattooed, pierced, much younger equine therapist.

My usual one-night-stand protocol isn't holding up, and I can't find it in myself to care. We're kindred spirits, Levy and I, both of us having survived so much. Falling into bed with him is as easy as breathing.

Believing that we both deserve love, however, is the hard part.

Savior Complex is a hot age-gap romance that features a silver fox with a past, an equine therapist with imaginative piercings, and one helluva family reunion.

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Wild Heart Ranch), best if read in order. Age gap. Hurt/comfort. Found family. POC representation. Dual POV. 

After having spent 10 years searching for his nephew and trying to take down human trafficking networks, Javier finally finds Ant being protected by a group of unusual men on an equine therapy ranch in Texas. He doesn’t expect his attraction to Levy, one of the therapists and Ant’s close friend, but Levy is someone Javier can definitely see himself taking care of long-term if he had the chance. But Javier is only at the ranch temporarily and Levy longs for a relationship, so both men agree to one night of stress relief, which they can’t really shake off afterwards. 

As Javier and Levy focus on helping Ant heal, and the more time they spend together, they can’t help but fall into something deeper. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they fill the empty parts of each other as the relationship builds. Both Javier and Levy are caring and dedicated men, their interactions are intimate and sweet. 

This story has plenty of cameos, action, and complicated feelings.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Savior Complex is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.