One Last Chance by BL Maxwell (Small Town City Series book 3)

BL Maxwell takes us back to Occident for a third match-up between country and city with One Last Chance.

From the blurb:

Stu Lawson had always lived in the small town of Occident. He’d been born a farmer, and he was more than happy to stay a farmer even when his dad decided it wasn’t the life for him. He’s been raising his daughter since the day she was born, and he’s never regretted being a single dad, but Stu has a few secrets.

Morgan Grant was born into a life he never wanted and had done everything he could to avoid. Staying drunk helps him forget and numbs the pain he can’t bring himself to face. After a long night of drinking, he ends up dumped in a small town north of Sacramento without money, his phone, or a way to get back to the city he calls home.

Stu’s focus has always been his daughter, but he can’t control his curiosity about the stranger who shows up in Occident alone in the middle of the night. He offers to help, even when he knows he shouldn’t. Old feelings rise to the surface and he’s helpless to ignore them, or Morgan. This stranger could be his chance at happiness, or his downfall.

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Heather's Review:

One Last Chance was a quick and easy read.  It moves fast and the major plot points are well spaced and interesting. For me, the insta-love felt a little tough, but the characters likability went a long way to smoothing that out.  I definitely felt the connection between Morgan and the place, but the connection between the two men grew on me.   I also appreciated Stu's daughter and the family that Morgan gained in Occident.

This book can be read standalone easily, but the characters from the previous two stories do appear as side characters.

Rating: 4 Stars

One Last Chance is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.