Not My Groom, Am I the Problem? #2 by Devon Doe

The Am I the Problem series is back with Not My Groom.

From the blurb:

Tl;dr: Am I the problem for sleeping with my cousin’s groom before their wedding? I did her a favor, really!

I [25M] hate weddings, because I was jilted at mine a few years back. But while I might be cynical about love, I’m not gonna refuse free food and a five-star hotel at my cousin’s nuptials. And since I was visiting my hometown, I grabbed the opportunity to hook up before the event. What can I say? I’m an ass man, and when I spot a ripe peach, I’m gonna reach for it.

So here’s the issue: at the rehearsal dinner on the very next day, I found out the man whose cherry I took is the groom [20M].

This guy is to marry my cousin, so if he thinks I’ll let his behavior slide, he has another thing coming. He even has the audacity to make eyes at me during the wedding preparations. I don’t want to ruin the celebration, but I will tease and taunt this cheating bastard until he admits he’s gay and calls the whole thing off.

But it turns out he’s actually sweet as a basket full of puppies, lost in working out his identity, and now I’m falling for him.

Am I the villain and a wedding-wrecker? He’s the one who cheated!

(And why does his dog have to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen? The guy cooks a mean steak, has an ass you can bounce coins off, and owns a cute dog? Come on! I’m not in the market for a husband.)


Not My Groom” is an enemies-to-lovers steamy romcom filled with wedding disasters.
When a commitment-phobic cynic meets a cheating groom, who’s actually desperate for affection, only a dog can talk some sense into them.
While the books in the series share a setting each can be read as a standalone.

(Kyle and Logan’s story)

Jacquie's Review:

Logan and Kyle's relationship throughout the book starts backwards, is messy and complicated, but also very sweet. A warning though, this contains cheating, not between the main couple, but obviously Kyle is still engaged when he sleeps with Logan.

Kyle was a great character. I loved how persistent he was. He decided on something and just went for it, which I can respect even when I worried that it was all going to go wrong for him.

I'm enjoying the series and worried that I wouldn't like Logan as much as I did. Don't get me wrong, he's difficult to like at first, but I got where he was coming from, then warmed up to him as the book went along.

Looking forward to Aaron's book and enjoy Devon Doe's writing style. Entertaining read.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Wow, what an explosive start to a story... upfront tension and angst galore, before mellowing out and letting Kyle and Logan actually learn about each other as people instead of just lust filled objects... 

I love the chemistry between these two and Kyle's persistence.  I found the pacing a little jarring, especially the end, but I do appreciate that sometimes external factors can make us re-evaluate our stance on things.  I also appreciate that the relationship crisis was early in the book.

Rating: 4 Stars

Angel's Review:

I was very curious about Logan's character after reading Not My Roommate, and I.. think is character is a bit to harsh for me. 

Not to say that his character is bad.. it's just his character seems to brash, and judgmental. I mean, he objectives people and views their bodies, but yet he treats Kyle like scum before even talking about what happened? Obviously Kyle's character didn't have a problem with how Logan treated him but I did! I was hoping that Logan would find his person, and that his person would challenge him yet be supportive. Yet, this book was full of Logan being downright cruel to Kyle and Kyle being a doormat until the end of the book. 

That's just my view on the characters, not on how this was written. I thought the story itself was well written, I loved that there were so many scenes with either horses or with Kyle's dog, those scenes were so cute! This book is also quite full of spicy times along with details of how to cook a steak. (You'll know what I mean once you read it. )

Overall a well written story, and I hope Kai gets his own book soon! 

Rating: 4 Stars

Not My Groom is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.