Capital Adoration, LJ Gay Romance by Leigh Jarrett

Attraction changes the course of both men.  Liam and Derek have an attraction that overrides what both had planned, Derek to deny being anything other than straight and Liam never wanting to get involved enough to have a relationship.  

From the blurb for Capital Adoration:

At odds with his bisexual identity, Derek is reluctant to enter into a friendship with a breathtaking man who appears to want more from him. He's never dated a man before and he doesn't intend to start. His world has been one of women only. But what starts off as a few harmless trips in their kayaks as friends takes a turn toward the intimate.

Always protecting his heart, Liam has a habit of running when things get serious. Because of a harsh upbringing, he's never known or wanted love. That doesn't stop him from dating men and women he finds interesting. He takes a chance and approaches a gorgeous, broody man who appears lost. Despite his reservations, Liam decides to follow his instinct.

Their hearts become entwined when they find they can't resist each other.

Reedkaye's Review:

Capital Adoration is the first book I’ve read by this author. It really brings the emotional side into what happens in a person’s life that shapes them.  

These two guys both have childhood stories to tell and yet when Liam starts flirting with Derek, the attraction is stronger than the fears. Liam is set on not having a real relationship. Derek is determined to keep his bisexuality secret. But Liam sort of pushes his way into Derek’s life and before long that attraction between them makes both men decide what they want in their future.  

There is so much heartbreak and fear on both of their sides. They are both so likable. This story is a rollercoaster ride on both of their sides yet the author really answers everything in the end.

Rating: 4 Stars

Capital Adoration is available to buy as an ebook