Broken Warrior (CrossBow Protection Book 1) by K.C. Wells, Parker Williams

Broken Warrior kicks off a new, action packed series from partnered authors KC Wells and Parker Williams. Michael is the personal assistant to the prickly owner of Crossbow Protection, but he sees beneath the hardened shell Gary projects to the caring man who just might need someone to take care of him sometimes. A new protection job endangers everything, the business, the employees and possibly the newly forged bond Gary and Michael have created.

From the blurb:

War is hell. It cost Gary Cross his military career, his love, and left him with a roadmap of scars that
serve as a constant reminder of everything he lost. Out of that tortured past came something extraordinary—CrossBow Protection, one of the premiere bodyguard services in the US.

Michael Kennedy has been Gary Cross’s personal assistant for nearly a year. He’s come to understand why none of his predecessors lasted more than a few months. Gary Cross is snarly, prickly, and snappy, and those are his good points. But Michael is not like the others—as Gary is about to find out.

A job for the government proves hard to refuse, but it isn’t long before Gary and Michael realize that by protecting one man, they’re risking everything Gary has built—and bringing death to their front door.

But this time Gary won’t let go. Even though it could lose him what he holds most dear.

*TRIGGER WARNINGS* This book contains scenes of violence and torture. It also contains sexy bits between men.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Crossbow Protection). Action/suspense. Hurt/comfort. Dual POV. 

Gary has spent years building up and running an elite protection service, a dream he once shared with his partner Eric that was shattered by a bomb which killed Eric and left Gary forever damaged. After months of working for Gary as his personal assistant, Michael starts to become indispensable, as an efficient and observant employee, and then a confident and caring lover. When the firm is asked to protect a government asset, Gary and Michael are thrown headfirst into danger just when they are trying to forge a romantic relationship. 

Gary is someone that cares deeply for his employees and wants to give them better lives, while Michael fills a special place in Gary’s life and heart that has been empty, and cares for the man who is a caretaker to everyone else. 

The story is tense with plenty of upsetting sacrifices while Gary and Michael try to survive the constant threats to their protectee, the business and employees, and their lives. Gary and Michael easily commit to each other and are dedicated to a future together and have plenty of steamy interactions. 

An entertaining entry into a new series.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Broken Warrior is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.