A Home for Barney by Elouise East (Pride Pet Play Series)


A Home for Barney gives us Elouise East's entry into the Pride Pet Play series and for those who have read the Club Royal series, a chance to see one of the pivotal side characters from the series get his HEA!

From the blurb:

Liam has had his fill of handlers pretending to be who they’re not - decent. When the owner of The Den announces several pet and handler taster sessions for the upcoming Windsor Pride Festival, Liam jumps at the chance. But he won’t fall in love. It hurts too much.

Troy has watched Liam from a distance, too shy to approach despite being a handler. But he gets his chance when he’s paired with Liam for the event - or rather Barney, a pup with a playful attitude who can melt Troy’s heart with just one look.

With Liam’s heart locked behind his puppy playsuit, what can Troy do to prove they’re perfect for each other?

A Home for Barney is part of the Pride Pet Play 2023 multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not check them all out? If you like playful pets who are sometimes naughty, Pride parades, and Daddy’s who love their boys unconditionally, you’ll fall in love with our pack!

Heather's Review:

I absolutely love when authors are able to give side characters from one of their series a book in another series or one of these multi-author themed events, because I've had a niggling wonder about Liam since he was a featured side character in Secretive Royal... (and I'm still waiting for Elton to get his HEA Elouise.... but I digress

Liam is a confident pup, while Troy is a shy and reluctant handler who needs intervention to make the first move - and he gets it by agreeing to be part of the Den's pride festival - which is adorable and sweet, and the two men come together in a fairly low angst way that is only hampered by Troy's reservations and his family drama...

I truly enjoyed A Home for Barney - it didn't feel forced or unnatural for these two sweet men to come together and Elouise East balanced their kink lives with their public lives well and showed us the multiple facets of both men's personalities!

Rating: 5 Stars

A Home for Barney is currently available in e-book and paperback formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.