Wolf Hunt, Outcast Pack #6 by T.J. Nichols

Each of the Outcast Pack series features a new couple, Wolf Hunt is Taylor and Justin's story. 

From the blurb:

To save his pack, he’ll need to be caught. But can he be saved?

Taylor Walsh is a snake shifter with a reputation for doing what it takes to get the job done. This time it means catching the hunters before they take any more shifters. When the perfect bait appears, all he has to do is convince Justin Brook to play the part.

There are only three problems: Justin isn’t an agent; he’s a lawyer.
He’s already injured.
And Taylor doesn’t want anyone to realize how much he wants the snarly wolf shifter.

Justin Brook is part of the Coven’s legal branch, and he’s very familiar with Taylor’s methods because he’d pulled him out of the fire a few too many times. But his latest request is a step too far. He will not be the bait to catch the hunters. However, if he refuses, then they’ll take someone else. And if he agrees, his life will be in Taylor’s hands.

Wolf Hunt is a steamy mm shifter romance where falling for the wrong person might end up being the right thing. But learning to trust each other is another matter.

Discover the Outcast Pack mm paranormal wolf shifter steamy romance series. Join the gay wolves as they establish their pack and fall in love along the way. Each book has a new couple and a HEA and no mpreg.

Janet's Review:

Wolf Hunt is the sixth book in the Outcast Pack series. Taylor, a snake shifter, is hunting a ring of hunters. He asks Justin who is an injured wolf and attorney. Both men work for the coven who is trying to stop a string of missing shifters. 

The trust they had to build in order to work together made a great read. These two have so much chemistry and banter! Action, danger, tension and a strong connection. 

Overall, a fantastic addition to the series. Well written with addicting pacing.

Rating: 5 Stars

Wolf Hunt is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.