The Witch And His Doctor, Kincaid Pack #6 by Kiki Clark

The Witch and His Doctor brings us the final book in the Kinkaid Pack series and the culmination of 6 books worth of this pack gearing up for the fight of their lives! 

From the blurb:

In this series finale, the Kincaid Pack is forced to put everything on the line… or lose everything they hold dear.

Damien has a secret.

Actually, he has more than one. His entire life within the Kincaid Pack has been a lie. Now that the truth is starting to come out, he’s faced with accepting the consequences he set into motion years ago.

And hoping his mate will forgive him.

Except the reckless actions of his past may prove to not only be his own undoing… but that of the pack he’s come to love.

Carter gave up on finding his fated mate years ago.

He has a medical practice to keep him busy, a pack he’d do anything for, and a family that’s always been a little too nosy for his peace of mind.

Learning the witch he’s grown to admire and have feelings for has betrayed them all? Just proves he’s getting too old for the whole falling-in-love thing. It doesn’t matter that the moment he catches Damien’s unaltered scent he realizes another devastating secret the man has been hiding.

The only thing that matters is saving the pack—and its alpha.

With Rick’s life hanging in the balance and the pack’s enemies moving to strike against them while they’re at their most vulnerable, it will take every scrap of magic and bravery Damien possesses to prove once and for all where his loyalty lies.

The Witch and His Doctor is the sixth and final book in the bestselling Kincaid Pack series, best read in order. It features an age gap, fated mates, a size difference, hurt/comfort, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Well, that's a wrap on the Kincaid Pack series by Kiki Clark! And holy hell what a ride! From the struggles each individually featured couples had to overcome, to the overarching series wide plot that brought such atrocities to the pack, there was always something going on. While I was sad that Carter and Damien's book is the last in the series, I was more than ready for Alistair and the O'Hares to get their due. It was a long time coming and though I'm completely satisfied with the outcome, a vindictive part of me wishes the two worst of them suffered even more.

Romance wise, it sure was a shock for poor Carter to realize that he's spent the last 2 years in his mate's orbit without a damn clue. I felt for the big bear, I truly did, but my heart broke even more for Damien. When we found out that he was the traitor I just KNEW there had to be more to the story. We may have only gotten small glimpses of the petite witch once he came on the scene in the series, but he never hesitated to help the pack when called upon. I was convinced there had to be some major reason for what he did and low and behold, I was right on the money.

Once everything came to light the plot moved fairly quickly, as did the MCs. Even though Carter was unaware of the fact that Damien was his fated, the man had already fallen for him anyway. Damien was just as gone for him, especially since he was well aware of their status as mates. He just never acted on it knowing it wouldn't be fair to Carter because of the circumstances Damien was stuck in. Honestly, Damien seemed to think about everyone else but himself so I was so glad when he finally had a big strong mate to make sure he took care of himself. The two were well suited and it was amazing finally getting to see the doctor who had helped so many get his HEA.

Clark has stated this is the last book in the Kincaid Pack series, however they also mention that more is to come in this Universe. I have an inkling that a trio of crazy siblings we meet in this book may just have their own stories on the horizon. I'm excited to see if the future proves me right!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Angel's Review:

I.. almost cried several times while reading this story, and I did cry at the end of it. Kiki evoked a lot of emotions with this book, and while some of the topics was sad, this was a really beautiful way to end a really great series.

I have read every single book in this series, and have loved them all. Each book just kept getting better, and better, and this was a wonderful conclusion to the series.

Kiki has such a talent to create such a believable world, with characters who you can relate to, characters who you learn to know. There has been so many details written in this book that I could envision what was happening. And Kiki! You know how to keep us readers on our toes, that's for sure! 

I really enjoyed the slow burn that occurred between Carter and Damien, they took their time, and didn't rush into things. Even when their situation together was dire. 

This book was action packed, with many twists and turns, characters from previous books were very prevalent in this story (which I loved), there was grief and sorrow, anguish and anger, trust and distrust, learning how to start over, and loving others. Carter's siblings were such great additions to this world, I really hope that we'll get their stories at some point. Maybe a spin off of this series, perhaps? 

Overall this story was terrific, and I'm very glad I was able to read this book! Kiki, thank you for creating such a magical world that readers can get lost in. 

I highly recommend that you read this whole series! What are you waiting for?!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Witch and His Doctor is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.