The Ringmaster, Black Cat Circus #4 by Kota Quinn

The Ringmaster is the final book in the Black Cat Circus series. Though it can be read as a standalone, it is better to have read some of the series first.

From the blurb:

The last thing half-fae, half-demon Ringmaster Seven needs is to hold someone captive in his bedroom, no matter how attractive he finds the young man. It’s been ten years since Seven fled the fae courts and found sanctuary in the human realm. He will do anything to protect his circus and found family. So, when Seven wakes up to find a beautiful yet feral creature straddling him and reeking of faerie magic, his only option is to bind the little minx and deal with him later.

Time is running out for Indy. It’s been almost ten years since Indy was cursed. His only hope of breaking the magic is to find his fated mate or lose his human form forever. Seeing no other choice, Indy travels with a magical circus of paranormal creatures. Only, when Indy momentarily gets his human form back, he’s more concerned about getting revenge on the Ringmaster rather than finding love.

Can Sev help Indy break this curse before it’s too late, or will he die trying?

The Ringmaster is an enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, paranormal MM romance. It is part of the Black Cat Circus multi-author series that features found family and a magical cast of characters. Each book can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed as a series.

Sheena's Review:

This is the final in the multi-author Black Cat Circus series, and the story I've been waiting for since the start. Seven is The Ringmaster of the title, the owner of the circus and the one who brought everyone together in the first place. I've been waiting to find out his story, find out what he is and meet his fated mate.

I knew Peanut the cat wasn't quite what he appeared to be either, I loved spending a little more time with him in Brighton's book and wanted his story too. His story is so tightly tied together with Seven's (that's not a pun on the rope play 😉), I really enjoyed finding out more about these two. Seven is fae, but a little more than that too, he was an interesting character and it was good seeing him come to terms with both sides of his heritage and finally embracing that.

Indy/Peanut too I liked, I did feel more than a little sorry for him at the start when he was cursed through no fault of his own, but perhaps in the long run it was for the best, getting away from the situation with his Uncle and finding his own soul mate, best friend, and home with the circus in the process. This is fated mates so it does move fast but not unbelievably so, it's been a long time coming for both Seven and Indy. I really enjoyed this story and it was good to see all the Black Cat Circus members coming together for the final story in this series.

Rating: 4 Stars

Lori C's Review:

Seven is a half-fae, half-demon Prince  who has been banished from Faerie by his horrible father. Instead of  languishing, he has thrived. He has built his own family by finding paranormal beings in need of help no matter if they are misfits, half bloods, or outcasts. These beings and Seven have become the Black Cat Circus, a family that looks out for each other, and respects one another. Peanut is a member as well. He’s Brighton’s best friend and a cat. Or is he? Bri believes he is other and one day he proves it by turning back into his human self Indy. He can’t sustain this change though. He flips back and forth between Peanut and Indy, but Bri catches him and so does the Ringmaster. What’s going to happen next? Will Indy stay Indy? Can Seven find a way to save him? 

On my goodness!! This book!! My husband actually told me I was giggling TOO loudly!! I needed this book so badly. I wanted Seven’s story because there has always been a thread of sadness in him. I just wondered if that sadness would ever be cured. I have to stop, I don’t want to give spoilers. 🫢 I think everyone needs to experience this book and HOPE for more of the BCC. This story is magical. It is kind of story you hope for when you have a favorite character or series. Even thinking about certain scenes today makes me go mmmmmm. It’s an amazing ending but not an ending that you crave. Does that make sense? I want so badly for there to be more of the Black Cat Circus that I swear I see hints of more.  I LOVE THE RINGMASTER. I will re-read this book, this series over and over again. It is the perfect hit of magic, love, and family that makes my heart happy. ❤️

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

I don't think I've been this sad to have a series end. I honestly have loved every single book in this series. If you didn't know they were written by different authors, I honestly don't think you would be able to  tell. All of these books were so beautiful and was connected and weaved together so beautifully. Where one book ended, the other would pick up right where the previous book left off. It's a true depiction of how hard these authors worked and how much time they put into making these beautiful stories fit together so wonderfully. 

Each book has been filled with love, friendships, family, mystical beings, magic, and of course carnival rides and shows! All of these authors jam packed theur stories full of well written details, characters with well thought out backgrounds and had such fantastic personalities. Along with the place setting.. I mean are you kidding? It was written so well! And was so believable! Seven, can I please join your circus? Please?  

In this addition we got to know more about Seven, we got to see things from his point of view and how he felt about the events that were happening around him. How he longed for a mate, and how when he watched his family find their partners he just wanted the same thing. And when he finally found his mate, he never expected he would try to kill him!

Peanut was cursed 10 years ago by a cruel fae creature, ever since then he's been trapped in a cat body. Despite missing his human form, he's grown used to his feline form, and his best friend Bri makes sure he's taken care of. But when he finally has human legs again he's determined to confront the fae that cursed him all those years ago, except the person he thought was the guilty party turned out not to be the person he thought it was... Turns out.. Seven is his mate. 

I loved these stories so much and this was was no exception. I have adored Peanut ever since the first book. His character is just so cute and oh so sweet! His relationship with Brighton is so endearing, and we got to see even more glimpses of their relationship in this book. And Seven and Indy's relationship had such good progression. Things didn't get rushed or hurried, or get too drawn out. Ut just flowed so beautifully. 

I really hope there will be more books to come in this series. I mean we got Soo many more side characters in this book! I mean there's so many possibilities! Sorren, Conall, August, Aaron, Akira.. River! So many stories that could happen. Oh! And Farren! 

If you want to read not just one book, but a whole series that'll make you smile and laugh, and cry with the characters then you NEED to get all of these books... Today!!! 

"I don't know why date has paired us up, but I wanted you to know, even if you weren't my fated mate, I would've fallen in love with you, no matter what. I know you have the circus, but Sev, you will always have my heart."

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

The Ringmaster is the fourth book in the Black Cat Circus. I’ve been anxiously waiting for Sevens story. Seven is half fae and the Ringmaster of the Circus. He was cursed and kicked out of the fae courts. Indy was cursed ten years ago and time is running out for him. He always hides from Seven, but when they accidentally touch it triggers something within the curse. 

I knew Peanut wasn’t quite a cat and was so happy with the way his story was written, Sev was the perfect mate for him. I’m also hoping some of the characters we met in this one eventually get a story?? Overall, a fantastic finale to the Black Cat Circus!! 

Overall, Fantastic!! Addicting and well written.

Rating: 5 Stars

The Ringmaster is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.