The Daredevil: An MM Paranormal Romance (Black Cat Circus Book 1) by Duckie Mack

The Daredevil is the best book Duckie has written yet!! A fantastic first book in a highly anticipated series!!

From the blurb:

As a teen, Drake ran away and found the Black Cat Circus, he thought it was his ticket out of town. Instead, he found a family and discovered a magical world he never knew existed. Becoming the Daredevil was a perfect fit for him and the adrenaline-loving beast within.

Now, ten years later, he’s returning to the town he left as a kid and it’s stirring up a lot of emotions. A shy but sweet man with a camera captures his attention completely. Even Drake’s dragon craves him.

Eli is a journalist who hides behind a camera and his words as he records the world he lives in but rarely takes part in it. He gets assigned the traveling circus that comes to town, when he longs to do something more meaningful.

Everything changes when Eli meets the Daredevil. He’s drawn to the fearless man, but there’s something familiar about him too. Drake reminds him of a wild boy he crushed on in school.

Eli embraces the adventure as Drake pushes him out of his comfort zone, but as these two grow closer, it becomes harder for Drake to hide who he is. Can Eli accept a man with a soul of a dragon?

The Daredevil is a missed connection, opposites attract, paranormal MM romance with light exhibitionism. It is part of the Black Cat Circus multi-author series that features found family and a magical cast of characters. Each book can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed as a series.

Angel's Review:

Oh my gosh! I was highly anticipating this book along with this series. I love books with carnival/fair themes, so a series that has not just carnival/fair themes but also has mm themes, it's such a perfect combination of what I love to read.  

Drake is the Daredevil, he's the one who does the death defying stunts that blows people's minds. After all, how could someone survive those stunts?? 

Eli is a photographer/journalist working for a company who doesn't respect him, he always gets overlooked and he is always given the 'fluff' pieces. When he gets assigned to do a piece of the carnival that's in town he's not thrilled, but upon arriving his thoughts and opinions begins to shift. And when Drake catches him taking a rather risque photo of Brighton, the moment changes thier lives for the better.

I have read A LOT of Duckie's works, I've been a fan of hers for quite some time. So, while I was reading this I found some Easter eggs. The first one being from Pies and Promises, and the second Easter egg I came across was from Duckie's Dragon King series. It was so cool seeing characters from Pies and Promises appear in this story! It was such a cute nod to one of Duckie's other books. There was also a nod to her Dragon Kings series as well, and while I haven't personally read Of Heart and Wings, this book definitely made me want to! 

There was so much detail and depth to this book, and you can just tell how much work was put into creating a great book. With not only fantastic characters you can't help but want to get to know, but also having an incredible background that the story is taking place in. Reading this book made me want to go to a carnival SO BAD!! 

Peanuts is a matchmaking cat, at least that's what I believe, and the moment when Drake and Eli found that picture in Drake's prized treasure box? Made me aww out loud, it was such a sweet scene that really tied in the bonded mates aspect. That moment made it feel even more real. I loved the whole concept of Drake's dragon tattoo, and once you read this you'll see why!

I'm looking forward to learning more about Brighton, Coal, Seven, and of course, Peanuts. I'm so excited for more of the upcoming books and the characters!! Also, Carol's character was a hoot! She helped nudge Eli to start taking risks, to have an adventure! I fell in love with these characters and this is my favorite read of 2023!

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

The Daredevil is the first in the interconnected Black Cat Circus series written by different authors.  It did such a good job of setting up the circus and characters, which can't have been easy.

I liked both Eli and Drake, it was such a joy to see Eli blooming through the course of the book and finding his confidence more.  I like that Drake was able to give him that, just through seeing him as the amazing person he was and giving him that boost to be able to stand up against his horrible boss and co-workers.  Drake I liked too, I love the idea of his heritage, and the moving tattoo idea was great too.  I loved that the two parts of Drake's personality both fell for Eli at the same time.  It's fast, fated mates and it all happens within a couple of days really, but I was okay with that as it didn't feel rushed even though it was so quick.  There's a lot of chemistry and heat between them too, and they really suited each other.  

The supporting cast of characters are good too, I already know we will get Coal, Brighton and Sev's stories and I can't wait for those.  This was a fun, hot, light and short(ish) read and I'm here for more.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

The Daredevil is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.