Out of The Wild Night, Coven Ties #2 by Marina Vivancos

Mason never stays in one place for long, and he knows how abusive Alpha's can be, but he's never met one quite like Charlie before. When Charlie slowly hopes for Mason to trust him, Mason finds he can't resist the intentional wooing of friendship and more Charlie offers. Can Charlie help Mason see that maybe this could finally be his special place and Charlie could be his special person?

From the blurb for Out of The Wild Night:

In a world filled with magic, where everybody is born a submissive or a Dom…

Mason might no longer hate being a submissive, but life has taught him his dynamic puts him at a disadvantage. Neglected in childhood, abused by the first Dom he ever trusted, he knows to keep his heart guarded.

Mason’s skill in Animal Magic allows him to move from coven to coven—never settling down. Never opening up to anybody.
The Meliora coven was supposed to be no different.

Mason has learnt the hard way not to fall for the kindness of strangers, but the people here are different. Charlie, the Dom Mason works with, is different. Joyful, teasing, caring—Mason’s icy suspicion can’t help but start melting.
Will it be so bad if he gives in and starts scening with Charlie? To get on his knees and beg for what he really wants?

Can he learn to trust again?

Content The beginning of this book deals with child abuse, grooming of a minor, and sexual abuse. It is not between the main characters but is on-page and may be distressing to read.

SNik's Review:

Out of The Wild Night is the second in the series (Coven Ties), can be read as a standalone, but might be more fun if read in order. Paranormal A/o. Hurt/comfort. D/s world. Found family. Slow burn. Single POV. 

Mason never wanted to be an omega, he’d seen and experienced the worst of Alpha’s and if love hurts then he was determined never to let himself feel that emotion. Hopping from coven to coven, Mason easily finds work, but in the Meliora coven he finds a special set of people, ones that are caring and friendly and accepting of all his hard edges. 

Charlie is the epitome of a cinnamon roll Alpha, he is kind, patient, insightful and has his own vulnerabilities, and really strives to understand Mason. 

With their growing friendship Charlie and Mason build trust and begin to scene together, but Mason still struggles to let himself fully believe that an Alpha can be loving and want Mason who doubts his self worth. 

Emotional writing, with a dynamic where both Charlie and Mason are attentive and compassionate toward each other, and even though Mason wrestles with expressing himself, Charlie never gives up or gives Mason pause and allows Mason to steer the pace of their relationship. 

Sweet and swoony with a great supportive secondary cast of found family.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Out of The Wild Night is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.