Mr. Playful by Joe Satoria (Playhouse Daddies book 1)

Mr. Playful is book 1 in a new Daddy/boy series by Joe Satoria, though there is a prequel you might want to read first.

From the blurb:

‘Wanna play, Daddy?’

For years, Luka knew something was missing from his life. Then he discovered his little space, a place filled with no responsibilities, with unicorns, sparkles, and ice cream for breakfast. Now, Luka needed something else. Someone to be Daddy.

That’s where the Playhouse Club comes in. But can Luka make a connection with someone he just met?

Marcus wasn’t new to the scene. He was just a little rusty. It had been a while since he’d flexed any of his playful Daddy muscles. And after a mandated break from his high-stress job, Marcus is looking to play.

There’s no better place to play than the Playhouse Club. Will Marcus get more than he bargained for in a chance encounter?

Shhh! This playroom is in use.

Mr. Playful is the first in the Playhouse Daddies series. This series is low angst, high heat, and stuffed with feelings from the first page. Visit the Playhouse Club to find your Daddy today.

Heather's Review:

It wasn't until I got to the end of the book that I knew why I felt a little bit like I was coming into the story in the middle - there is a free prequel novella that you get by signing up for the author's newsletter... and features one of our MC's brother (and roommate who is leaving to be with his new boyfriend), but in terms of the actual Mr. Playful story, it was what I've come to expect from Joe Satoria - instant connection, spicy and sweet interactions between a daddy and little, and of course a few friends weighing in on the relationship...

The characters are fun and the pacing was good - if you like a quick and easy daddy/boy story, than adding Mr. Playful to your TBR is a must.

Rating: 4 Stars

Mr. Playful is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.