Finishing Lines, Hollywood Hopefuls #5 by Jeris Jean

Finishing Lines has miscommunication at it's finest. Both guys go on with their lives still wanting each other yet because of the lack of communication things don't quite work out the way either want.

From the blurb:

A Friends-to-Lovers, Second-chance MM Romance

Rising star Sam needs a break from the limelight. What better way to relax than a vacation to a secluded mountain lodge? The only problem? Wyatt, the man who broke his heart, will be there, too. Why did their relatives have to marry one another?

Sam and Wyatt are determined to leave their history in the past, but then spending time in such close quarters forces them to confront one another—and their feelings. Sam is flooded by his desire to be close to Wyatt again—like the best friends they once were, or as something more. But will baring his heart to Wyatt push him away for good?

Finishing Lines is a steamy second-chance MM romance. Expect witty banter, found family antics, all the feels, and a swoon-worthy HEA.

Reedkaye's Review:

This second chance story is a heart grabber. Two guys meant to be together but because of a mis communication they are apart. Sam a star lives a life different than what he thought fame would be. He has everything but that special someone and he knows he is the cause of that.  

Wyatt has done a number of things to get over his wanting Sam. He declared his feelings and it only brought him heartache. He wants to protect his heart because he doesn’t think he can handle being turned down again.

I enjoyed the pace of this is constant and I like the characters. I will put this author on my watch list.

Rating: 4 Stars

Finishing Lines is available in ebook and paperback formats wide.