Cover and Excerpt Reveal: His Lordship’s Blood (Book Four of His Lordship’s Mysteries) by Samantha SoRelle

So excited to be sharing the cover and excerpt for His Lordship's Blood - the fourth book in the His Lordship's Mysteries series by Samantha SoRelle!

Publisher: Balcarres Books

Release Date: June 13, 2023

Genre: Historical MM Romance and Murder Mystery

Tropes: hurt/comfort, secret pasts, hidden relationship, sleuthing 

Themes: Love conquers all

Heat Rating: 5/5 flames

Length: 320 pages

Fourth book in the His Lordship’s Mysteries series. Not a standalone and does not end with a cliffhanger.


Even after a year of having an earl for a lover, Dominick still isn’t prepared for the dazzling high society of Bath with its ruinous gossip and scandalous fashions. All he wants is to uncover who his parents were so he and Alfie can return to their quiet life in Scotland. But as long-buried secrets come to light, Dominick finds himself trapped in a web of intrigue that may prove impossible to escape.

When an old acquaintance winds up dead, it’s almost a relief. With a murder to solve, Alfie and Dominick have something to distract them from the jaws of fate slowly closing around them. Assuming, of course, that they can avoid being murdered themselves.

Alfie knows how much learning the truth about his family means to Dominick, but as events begin to spin out of control, it soon becomes clear that knowledge may come with a terrible cost--their happiness, their relationship, and even their lives.

His Lordship's Blood is the fourth novel in the His Lordship’s Mysteries series. 


For all it lacked, the room still had what Alfie wanted: a bed, a bath, and a door that locked. 

“Get over here,” he growled.

Dominick eagerly complied, his hands coming up to frame Alfie’s face the moment he was in reach. The kiss was fierce, their noses colliding painfully until Dominick turned his head just the smallest fraction, and then it was perfect. Alfie would never grow tired of the feeling of Dominick in his arms, of how large and strong he was, his thick muscles giving Alfie’s hands something to dig into, assuming they weren’t being used to pin Alfie to a wall or other convenient surface.

But for all that, he was almost exactly of a height with Alfie, so neither of them had to crook their necks uncomfortably at times like this. Well, not unless they wanted to get their lips on other parts of each other’s bodies, which as the kiss deepened, started to seem like a wonderful idea. 

“Stop, stop, stop,” he gasped as they pulled apart for air. He turned around and thrust his shoulders back towards Dominick. “Get this blasted coat off me.”

Dominick chuckled. “And what a hardship it is, helping you undress.” 

Alfie shook his shoulders impatiently. The second the coat was off, he stretched his arms as far out to the side as he could, revelling in the wet cracks as his joints popped themselves back into place.

“Christ, I can hear that,” said Dominick. “You’re revolting.”

“So, you don’t want to help me with my trousers too?”

Apparently, Alfie was no longer quite so revolting, as Dominick wasted no time in unbuttoning the fall of Alfie’s trousers and getting a hand around him.

“God, Nick.” Alfie hissed, dropping his head back onto Dominick’s shoulder. “That feels amazing. I want—ah!—I want to get my mouth on you, but if I kneel, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get back up again.”

“Then we should move this to the bed.” Dominick nuzzled behind Alfie’s ear, before taking his earlobe gently in his mouth and sucking. 

Shivers raced down Alfie’s spine and he almost missed what Dominick whispered next. “Your lodgings or mine?”

Alfie huffed out a laugh. Of all the men he could have fallen in love with, he had to pick the most ridiculous. Even though he had no doubt both beds would be thoroughly used before the night was over, neither was really his or Dominick’s as they’d be sharing the same one to sleep. 

“You choose.” Alfie laughed. Ever the pragmatist, Dominick dragged him over to the nearest one. Alfie fell back against the blanket, which was indeed not nearly as soft as the ones at Bannerman’s would have been. He was about to make a truly obscene suggestion for what Dominick should do next when he heard a noise.

Dominick apparently heard it too as he paused in yanking off his hated cravat and tilted his head to the side to listen. 

“Is that… singing?”

It was. At first it was only a dull humming, a tune that Alfie recognised as “Spanish Ladies” but then the singer found his confidence and transitioned into a version of “The Lusty Young Smith”. In other circumstances, Alfie might have enjoyed the performance. As it was however, the man’s voice coming from directly behind his head was distinctly souring the mood.

“The walls are thin,” Dominick whispered. He stepped back from the bed, letting his cravat drop sadly to the floor.

“I can be quiet,” Alfie whispered back.

Dominick shook his head, but a smile was tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Love, the fact you still say that despite the many, many times we’ve proved you wrong worries me.”

Alfie gritted his teeth and forced himself to keep his voice low. “Well, perhaps I’ll be quiet if there’s something in my mouth keeping me quiet.”

Dominick’s eyes flashed and he crawled back up the bed. He leaned over Alfie until their lips were just brushing. Alfie strained up to take more, but Dominick pulled back just a little each time he did, the incorrigible tease.

“Ah,” Dominick said, his breath washing over Alfie, scented with the aniseed sweets he’d been eating in the carriage. “But the only way I know to keep you quiet will make me very loud.”

Alfie collapsed back onto the bed with a huff. He hated when Dominick was right. “I suppose it would be a waste to let the bathwater grow cold anyway.”

Dominick bent down to finally give him that kiss before sitting up. He perched on the side of the bed next to Alfie’s hip and began working off his shoes. That accomplished, he stood and continued undressing, walking around their rooms as he did so, taking stock and humming along with their neighbour. Alfie propped himself up on his elbows. Just because he couldn’t touch didn’t mean he wasn’t going to watch.

About the Author:

Samantha SoRelle grew up all over the world and finally settled in Georgia, USA where the humidity does all sorts of things to her hair.

When she’s not writing, she’s doing everything possible to keep from writing. This has led to some unusual pastimes including perfecting fake blood recipes, designing her own cross-stitch patterns, and wrapping presents for tigers.

She also enjoys collecting paintings of tall ships and has one pest of a cat who would love to sharpen his claws on them. 

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