Change My Ticket by Zarah Detand

Getting pointers on being in a laboratory setting isn't the only reason why Gabe wants to hang out with Ray. But Ray doesn't understand how he can have a friendship let alone something more with the famous actor. Two young guys from different worlds find their feelings are worth the risk, with the help of some ride or die friends and family that won't let them quit.

From the blurb for Change My Ticket:

Hollywood heartthrob meets med school dropout in this contemporary British MM romance.

When your key credential is looking good in spandex, your first serious role matters. Too bad that Gabe Duke can’t seem to get a proper handle on the molecular biologist he’s meant to portray. A chance meeting with a young researcher feels like the perfect opportunity to learn more about life in a lab, especially when that researcher seems blessedly ignorant of Gabe’s spot on lists like Hollywood’s Hottest Men Under 25.

Ray Fadil should learn how to refuse a dare. Being caught with his hand in the till—or appropriating university property for an early Halloween display, as the case may be—isn’t how he wanted his Sunday to go. But rather than landing in hot water, he finds himself with an unlikely ally who’s more interested in Ray’s experience with cell proliferation than in ratting him out. Meeting the guy for a coffee seems like a fair trade, especially since he’s rather easy on the eyes.

It’s the fast start of an unlikely friendship. There’s attraction too, though famous Gabe is hesitant to admit that Ray just might be boyfriend material—he’s not about to give an industry outsider a guided tour of his closet.

At least not until a forced outing pushes him to take shelter at Ray’s flat.

True love trumps fame in this smart, slow-burn gay romance featuring secrets, twists and turns, picnicking skeletons, a family Christmas, meddling friends, and two guys from different worlds who, with a little nudge in the right direction, may just find their happily ever after.

SNik's Review:

Standalone. POC representation. Slow burn. Found family. Dual POV. 

In the midst of secretly using some lab equipment for a humorous photo, lab assistant Ray bumps into the young and gorgeous Gabe Duke, but he doesn’t realize Gabe is a famous actor. Gabe finds the handsome lab technician charming and wants to pick his brain about all things working in a lab for a new part in a movie, but their budding friendship may not last once Ray sees that hanging out with a popular actor comes with a big loss of privacy. 

Change My Ticket is a really sweet story of two guys navigating life, building a friendship, finding a special person and determining what they are willing to risk in order to make that person a part of their life. 

Both Gabe and Ray have problematic pasts, but fortunately have a few supportive friends and family members that really help them through their ups and downs. 

The yearning and growing feelings are so well written and heartfelt, both Gabe and Ray were endearing and relatable in their thoughts and actions that made them feel realistic. 

The romance was beautiful, developing over time, and with all the thoughts, hesitations, and complicated feelings anyone would feel when falling in love. 

With a sweet HEA, this book was a joy to read.

Rating: 5 Stars

Change My Ticket is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, hardback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.