A Touch of Danger, Surviving Vihaan #1 by Elaine White

A Touch of Danger is a good book about shifter and a human that fall in love. Both men are scarred from previous relationships but they want know that this one will work. The two men just need to figure out how to remove the bad guy from their lives.

From the blurb:

Drew’s life sucks. Saving money to escape his homophobic family is one thing, but his only paying gig at the moment is playing his father’s “only gay in the village” plus-one to every LGBT friendly business event.

Then his brother comes up with a plan. Sheffield needs someone to go undercover for his police investigation. Drew has all the qualifications: he’s gay, he has experience with exotic animals, and he’s college-aged. And he’s easily bought.

Going undercover to solve the mystery of a college campus smuggling ring was never in his plans. Neither was hot, perfect, house captain Rylee. The inside jokes about cats, animal prints, and talk of a place called Vihaan that forbids same-sex relationships, are just the tip of the suspicious iceberg.

Little does Drew know that he’s about to expose more than an illegal smuggling operation. The truth could be more lethal than he could imagine. And, despite it all, it might be his own secret past that kills him before the truth can be unveiled.

Auburngeo's Review:

First off, I am rating A Touch of Danger a 4.4/5. It is good and I enjoyed reading it. At first, it was a little confusing but I am glad I continued reading because it made more sense as I read more of the book.  

Drew is gay man who is an embarrassment to his family no matter what he does. He tries very hard but the results don’t match his efforts. His brother is s policeman who needs his help on animal trafficking case in a frat house because of Drew’s experience and education. The money is enough that will help Drew leave town. Drew meets the the frat house captain Rylee and there is an instant attraction. Rylee welcomes him into the home. Rylee keeps his distance from Drew. Yet Drew cannot find anything pointing to animal trafficking in the house and he begins to form familial feeling for the guys there.  

Drew gets sick and he learns that he is now a shifter. Rylee has a lot of explaining to do and Drew has to stall his brother. But in the midst of all of this they learn of a danger that will affect a lot of people and only Drew can stop it. But he will need Rylee to be there for him.  

The two men will need to have some open and candid conversations to stop the bad guy and make their relationship work.  Again, this is a good book.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

A Touch of Danger is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.