#ThrowbackThursday - Deception (Nagoya Crimes #1) by Naomi Aoki


For #ThrowbackThursday, we're looking back at Naomi Aoki's Deception, published in October 2021. 

From the Blurb:

Two men and a woman with the power to destroy them both.

Detective Morita knew loving the Kominaka Yakuza Boss—Ieyasu Tonagawa—he’d once been tasked with bringing down wasn’t going to be easy. A balancing act with dangerous consequences if it ever came tumbling down. But he had it under control. Walked the thin line separating the two halves of his life with a surefootedness that bordered on arrogance.

Then she walked into his life—Detective Suyama, his new partner.

But Suyama had secrets of her own.

Dangerous secrets that had the power to destroy Morita and Ieyasu.

And yet as their world crumbles around them, Morita and Ieyasu find themselves falling in love with the dangerous woman.

Deception is a 60k Yakuza x Police Detectives Romance that ends with a cliffhanger.


Morita stripped off his clothes and the mask he was forced to wear while playing the dutiful detective slid from his face. He could breathe easier now that he’d been freed from the shackles that restrained him. But Morita was still hesitant to throw what remained of his police career aside. The darker side of him relished the freedom that came with walking in the yakuza world—their absolute disregard for the law of the land along with their own perverted sense of justice—but it also enjoyed the mind games that came with being a police detective, manipulating cases in a way bribery could never achieve.

He’d barely had a minute alone to enjoy the heat of the water washing over his skin, each droplet doing its best to carry away the day’s grime, before Ieyasu joined him. Fingers gripped his hips tight, lips pressed kisses across his shoulders and followed the lines of his tattoo.

“Couldn’t wait until I was finished?” he asked, the words chased after by a breathy moan as Ieyasu’s fingers dug in deeper and the soft kisses were replaced with the scrape of teeth.

“Since when do I wait?” his lover grinned against his skin. “There’s a present waiting for you in the wardrobe… wear it.”

“So… you’re gifting me more than dead bodies?”

“They were only the beginning of my gifts… I saw this present and knew I needed to see you in it,” Ieyasu whispered. “But that’s not all I’ve got for you… there’s entertainment too.”

“Hmm, can’t say I’ll complain too hard about that present,” he murmured, turning to face Ieyasu only to be slammed back into the wall of the shower. “Or this one… fuck,” he groaned as his words were swallowed by Ieyasu, the man’s mouth possessing Morita’s with a rough desperation.

And fuck he missed this.

Missed being able to do this every day.

Missed the rough possessiveness of their relationship.

Missed the slow languidness of their time together, instead of the hurried stolen moments they fought to find.

He wanted to savour Ieyasu’s body and engrain his lover’s scent into his mind before it faded away from Morita once more. And he was tired of the quick tastes they snatched whenever he and Ieyasu stumbled across each other in the world where Morita played the cop. Stolen moments that came with their own heady danger, but with the highs came the lows… and Morita was tiring of them.

And yet, if Ieyasu asked him to give up being a detective and return to his side within the world of the yakuza… Morita would still say no. For now, at least.

Deception is currently available for sale on Amazon!