#TeaserTuesday - Romance Languages (South Rock High #3) by AJ Truman [NSFW]


#TeaserTuesday is here to bring you a first look at AJ Truman's Romance Languages, book four in his South Rock High series. This book will release on Wednesday April 26, 2023 and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. 

From the Blurb:

Can my straight friend help me cash in my v-card by my birthday?

In one month, I turn thirty-five with my virginity still intact. Is there anything more embarrassing than knowing most of my French students have gotten more action than me? Je suis triste

When I accidentally reveal this secret to my close friend and co-worker Seamus, South Rock’s baseball coach, he offers to help me round the bases.

It has to be a joke, because Seamus is one million percent straight.

There’s no way he’d want to fool around with a chubby language nerd like me, even though I’ve harbored a secret crush on him since the day he first walked into the teachers lounge.

But then I realize he’s not joking.

I’m either entering thirty-five with a bang…or a friendship going up in flames.

Romance Languages is a virgin, nerd/jock, friends to lovers romance filled with humor and heart. It's the third book in the South Rock High but can be read as a standalone.


It seemed every gay man in New York needed to let off steam tonight. Men danced with abandon, singing along to the music. Every table was packed with groups of bros having the time of their lives. This was what it felt like when a place became thrillingly alive. And yet…I found myself standing just outside the revelry, peeking through the window but unable, and maybe unwilling, to open the door.

I left Remix sometime after one, pushing through throngs of men into the cold air of night. Instead of driving home, I changed course and found myself parked on a familiar curb.

Julian: Can I come in? I’m outside.

I waited painfully long seconds until the front door cracked open. Seamus sleepily grinned at me in nothing but gym shorts.

“Hey, Jules. What’s going on? You go out tonight?” he asked with his bright smile, a salve from the weirdness of tonight.

“I’m ready to move onto the next session,” I said, breath catching in my throat.

I cupped his dick. He instantly let out a husky sigh.

I closed the front door behind us, walked us backwards to the dining room, got on my knees, and pulled down his shorts. I ran a hand over the outline in his underwear of his throbbing, rock hard dick.

Seamus stumbled, falling onto a dining chair. His cock stood straight up, his eyes wide and alive.

I took him in my mouth, not sure how to give a good blow job, but feeling my way through by instinct and lust. If men could figure out how to fellate each other over the course of millennia before the internet, then so could I. I was smart and a fast learner. I listened to his moans and felt the way his hips shifted under my mouth.

His cock was hot and salty. I swirled my tongue around his shaft and head.

“Fuck. Jules, this is so fucking hot.” He threw his head back and threaded his fingers through my hair.

I drowned out thoughts of tonight by bobbing on Seamus’s cock. I couldn’t get enough of how good this felt, hearing and feeling him get so turned on by my touch.

He pulled on my hair and arched his hips to get farther down my throat. I took him all the way to the base, letting bitter pre-come hit the back of my throat. I moaned with delight, which made him groan even louder.

“Feels so good. Suck that dick.” He thrust into my mouth.

I alternated fist and mouth, proud of myself for building on our previous lessons.

“Yeah, just like that. Just like that, Jules.”

I put my free hand down my pants, where I was already hard. One or two pumps would be all it took. Nothing turned my crank like Seamus saying my name.

“Shit. I’m coming.” He reached for a stack of napkins on the table. They wouldn’t be necessary.

I sucked him harder, sucked him until his whole body shook underneath me, a centralized earthquake rattling the apartment. His chest rose high, then collapsed, then high again as he struggled for air. I stroked myself faster, my balls tightening with orgasm.

“Fuck. Fuck, I’m coming. I’m coming.” His fist tightened on my hair as he came down my throat. I sucked him dry, taking his hot, bitter load as I soaked my pants with my own release.

I fell back, hitting my head on the china hutch as I came back to reality. “I think I need the napkins.”

He tossed the box to me, and I cleaned off my hand.

“You jerked off while…”

“Yeah. is that okay?” I asked.

“That’s so fucking hot.” He took my hand, brought it to his mouth.

His eyes lit up and gazed at me with heat and tenderness, cutting through the silence. Seamus had never looked at me in this way, in this way I’d only dreamed about, like he was seconds away from leaning in and kissing me.

I had to get the hell out of there.

For the second time tonight, I made a hasty exit from a guy. 

Romance Languages is currently available for pre-order and will be available on Wednesday April 26, 2023 as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.