Stolen from Tomorrow, The Trust Trilogy #1 by Fox Beckman

What do you get when a monsoon meets a mountain? Normally a disaster but that’s not quite the case when a handsome agent meets a flamboyant time-traveler… or is it? Dez read Stolen from Tomorrow.

From the blurb:

Ravi Abhiramnew’s job is simple: hunt down and neutralize supernatural threats. That is until he meets Cayenne, a charismatic time traveler who claims to know everything about him—even his most closely
guarded secrets.

Going to dinner with Cayenne is probably a bad idea, and a romantic island getaway definitely is.

When a monster picks their resort as its hunting ground, Ravi’s combat skills and Cayenne’s time magic should make it a breeze to kill the monster and get their vacation back on track. But it turns out the real danger lurks much, much closer…

Dez's Review:

Let me just start off by saying this book was everything I wanted and nothing what I expected it to be. I absolutely want Cayenne as a snarky best friend and Ravi as a shoulder to lean on! Ugh(in a good way!) the dynamic between these two was so fun to read and the sexy time scenes were even better. I felt every bit of Cayennes frustration dealing with the workaholic Ravi. 

Fox Beckman does an amazing job at creating such dynamic characters that are easy to fall in love with! I am eager to know more about the world Fox has created and to see how far both Ravi and Cayenne will grow! 

Rating: 4 Stars

Stolen from Tomorrow is available to buy as an ebook.