Spring Revival: A M/M Second Chance Romance by Talia Shue

"So maybe you'll indulge me if I say I've had enough of dancing around the topic." Spring Revival.

From the blurb:

Could you give up being a world-famous popstar for a second chance to be with the love of your life?

At 45, Dorian Marino has accepted that the best days of his career as a pop idol are behind him. His latest singles aren’t charting, and he’s sick of touring endlessly and playing the same old songs to half-empty concerts. When his childhood best friend invites him to be the best man at his wedding in Italy, Dorian leaps at the chance.

The only issue? The other groomsman is his best friend’s younger brother. Years ago, before Dorian got famous, they spent one unforgettable night together. Problem is, they haven’t talked since.

Andrew Lee has never gotten over Dorian. He’s horrified by the thought of spending so much time with his famous former lover and the feelings it might stir up. Feelings he was supposed to have buried long ago.

Dorian knows he wants another shot at reviving their romance. Andrew is convinced that he isn't worth Dorian risking his career for. Will they manage to work things out before the wedding speeches?

It’s Spring time in Italy. Anything can happen.

Set in Tuscany, Spring Revival is a standalone M/M Second Chance famous/non-famous romance. It has two men in their 40s who don’t know how to communicate properly, an older brother/best friend with timing issues, low angst, and a guaranteed HEA.

Miki J's Review:

Cute and low angst story. That they pined for each other after all that time shows where their feelings truly are!!! Very adorable and I loved that they are older MC's (40's - who says you've got to have your life worked out by then !!). They are a contrasting pair but fit each other perfectly - Dorian is aging rockstar but is young at heart and Andrew is the youngest of them but seems older. And Eric ....maaan ..... doesn't help!!! bahahaha   

Second chance in the heart of Tuscany during a wedding....can't get anymore romantic than that..... takes a few stumbles, face a few home truths but you know it'll get there... Very enjoyable story and lovely debut novel.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Spring Revival is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.