Silence of the Moon (Book 2 - Secrets of the Moon) by S.A. Pavlik

Action, adventure and love... Silence of the Moon is EPIC!!!

From the blurb:

A werewolf in mourning.

Alec Channing has been through enough trauma to bring any ordinary person to their knees, but recent events might be the final straw that breaks him. Especially when he discovers he’s lost not just the only constant in his life, but something far greater. Meanwhile, a sinister plot is brewing that threatens not only him, but the entire preternatural world. But he isn’t alone. Can the man he may be ready to love help him pick up the pieces in time?

A homicide detective with more questions than answers.

Detective Damien O’Connor of the Columbus Police Department has seen things his colleagues could only imagine. He’s directly responsible for the loss that sends his werewolf lover hurtling towards the breaking point. While the man he’s come to love is suffering, a new case lands in his lap that leaves him questioning everything and losing more than he’d bargained for. But sometimes moving forward means stepping back and letting others shoulder the burden for a while. Can he and his team solve the case before he finds himself without a home to return to?

Silence of the Moon is Book Two of the Secrets of the Moon trilogy, an 112k-word M/M, paranormal crime/mystery romance, with a solid HFN ending. This book is NOT A STANDALONE and contains heavy spoilers for Death of the Moon. While there is a complete story arc in this book, there are plot threads ending on a soft cliffhanger that concludes the last installment of the trilogy. There is language and explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Warnings: MC with PTSD, past torture implied, dealing with grief and self-doubt.

Miki J's Review:

WOW!!! Just WOW!! The first book is brilliant and gave us an introduction to this world… book two gives us that and soooo much more. 

After the ending of book # 1, I was a tad concerned about the possible fallout between Alec and Damien - it didn't happen as I thought but there is still plenty of angst and grief and sadness... the emotional roller-coaster this book takes you on is intense... but oh what a ride!! And take your time with this amazing book - there's plenty of action, suspense, twists galore and we get to know the characters a bit more as well as getting to meet new characters, who throw in more twists.  

The story just grabbed my attention and I couldn't put the book down!! It's not all sadness though - there's plenty of light-hearted moments, romance, found family and love.

Very well-rounded novel that you won't be able to put it down. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Silence of the Moon is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.