Payback: Lords of Chaos MC by Nicholas Bella

While Payback is the fifth in the series and should be read in order so as to have a feel for all the characters, I missed that part and read this as a standalone. I was somewhat overwhelmed by all the characters but the author does a great job at describing where and why each fits the story. It is definitely an adult story and as such readers with triggers should pay attention. It is an intense story but kept me turning the pages. I'll just have to catch up on the rest.

From the blurb:

Having fallen way too deep in love with the Castiello's assassin, Akari Himura, Fabian “Burger” Murphy has to figure out how to get his club to approve his relationship. However, he’s getting
pushback from everyone, from his older brother, to his father, telling him that he needs to break up with Akari. Time is running out for him to make his decision. Will he choose the one man in his life he can’t live without? Or the club that has given his very existence meaning? Nothing and no one is ever out of Makade-Ma’iingan “Wolf” Sanders’ league. The president of the Chicago chapter of the Lords of Chaos has set his sights high, and they have landed on the Right-Hand Man of the Castiello family’s underboss, Demir Balik. Despite all the warnings to stay away, Wolf can’t. He loves the chase, it’s in his blood. But he may have pursued the wrong type of prey this time. Demir is a force of nature and Wolf finds himself in quite the predicament. Vito “The Vise” Castiello has a lot on his plate right now. The takeover of a major city’s crime business being his biggest priority. However, the minx at his side is changing him little by little, giving him happiness in a way he’d never thought he’d experience. However, things get rocky when his lover, Zindel Esai, plays a game he’s not willing to participate in. Vito is a passionate man and wants what he wants, and that’s to be in control. But can The Vise loosen up just a bit to let his minx love him? Prison is a lonely place, especially having been behind those walls for nearly five years. It doesn’t help when Tim “Tiny Tim” Davis has to see his club brother and prospect share a love he envies on a daily basis. One day, he gets a new cellmate, someone so stunning, that he leaves Tiny Tim speechless. Immediately, he knows that he wants this man, and has to have him. Luckily for TT, this vulnerable inmate needs someone to protect him, and that’s the hook he uses to reel the new fish in.

Warning : Serial series where each book should be read in order for your ultimate enjoyment. Mature readers only as these bad boys party hard and play dirty. Outlaw MC life, Prison life, Mafia, Dark themes. Graphic violence. Strong adult situations. Colorful and intense language. HFN/HEA. Reader discretion is advised.

Reedkaye's Review:

This is the first story I’ve read by this author. I wish I had looked more into it being in a series but regretfully I didn’t. Now I have to catch up.  

Payback can be read as a standalone but getting familiar with the previous stories would make it less overwhelming. The author does a great job of describing the characters, how they fit and their backgrounds and there are many, many characters.  

The story starts out intense and if possible, holds onto that intensity all the way through. And what a combination of love weaknesses and alpha strength in these guys. I have to laugh at Vino and his interactions with Zin. It just pointed everybody has a weakness. I’m not sure I even know how to explain Wolf and Demir. These two together are as combustible as two can be. This story has got me hooked on catching up and looking forward to the next.

Rating: 5 Stars

Payback is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.