Hearts Colliding by Ali Ryecart

We return to Love's Harbour to see if progress will destroy the close-knit community or if love will bring them together in Hearts Colliding... 

From the blurb:

Returning to Love’s Harbour to claim his inheritance, Alex has only one aim: to consign his ancestral home to history

Alex has spent the past twenty years building his wealth and reputation as a ruthless businessman, developing luxury, prestigious homes. The New House is a project like no other. Ripe for conversion, he can destroy the past as effectively as he can the bricks and mortar before he turns his back and walks away forever. But Alex hasn’t reckoned on the villagers of Love’s Harbour — or the burly young barman from the local pub.

Life is good for Ryan. Love’s Harbour may be small, but it’s a community with a big and vibrant beating heart. It’s the perfect place to live, and Ryan wants to make sure it stays that way. But all that could change if the arrogant, frosty — and smoking hot — owner of the New House gets his way.

Alex’s vision will destroy the village. Ryan's determined that can’t happen. Thrust into the unlikely role of spearheading the opposition, Ryan has to stand up not only to the risk Alex poses, but also to something far more dangerous: the threat to his own heart.

From the moment Alex and Ryan meet, attraction sparks. But they face each other across an unbridgeable divide. Both are determined to get what they want at any cost, yet the one thing they want more than anything is each other.

A steamy enemies to lovers MM romance. A touch of angst, a pinch of humour, and lots of heart. HEA guaranteed.

Heather's Review:

When Alex returns to Love Harbour to exorcise his ghosts, he does so in a dramatic fashion, bringing his new life crashing into his old one... and not coping well... until he starts spending time with the 'enemy', a man who loves Love Harbour the way it is and doesn't want the avalanche of change that Alex's plans will bring...

We see the return of the granny brigade, including Ryan's Nan, who inject humour and fun into this sweet and slightly angsty romance... it's got good pacing and that secret relationship quality that is made for angst...

Well paced and with great character development, you'll easily be transported to this small, British village and fall in love with Alex, Ryan, their two adorable pooches and the rest of the quirky cast of characters!

Hearts Colliding can be read standalone, but you'll enjoy seeing the characters from book 1 return if you've read Animal Instincts

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Hearts Colliding is currently available in paperback and ebook formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.