Daddy's Curious Boy by A.W. Scott (Daddies for Dollars)

The next Daddies for Dollars book is live and we get to finally see Desmond matched with his HEA in Daddy's Curious Boy

From the blurb:

“I’m yours to have…”

Desmond is best known for being a cold and driven businessman. As CEO of McMillan Properties, he has to keep the cool facade to close deals and keep himself focused. There’s nothing about him that’s soft. Nothing that would make him a good fit for anything close to the title of Daddy.

But when a surprise turn of events has him on a date with a man he can’t help but want to take care of, Daddy is the only name he longs to be called.

Ryder only moves back to the city prevent his Gran from selling his childhood home and taking off for a nursing home. From the moment he arrives, he realizes maybe not everything is what it seems. Her bidding on a man at auction to win Ryder a date only furthers his suspicion.

Except the man isn’t all that bad, and the way he says, “good boy” does delicious things to Ryder. Things he can’t help but want to explore.

Daddy's Curious Boy is a Grumpy/Fake Grumpy romance featuring a billionaire too busy to realize he’s a Daddy at heart, a trust fund baby turned mechanic needing to embrace his inner boy, and the date neither of them signed up for. (I’ll take meddling family members for 500, Alex.) Desmond and Ryder’s story is part of the Daddies for Dollars multi-author series, where every book features a swoon-worthy Daddy, a boy he adores, and a happily ever after helped along by a fundraiser event. Each book stands alone, but with six delicious Daddy pairings to choose from, why not read them all?

A note from the author: There are characters from other books in the A.W. Scott world including Princess Pen Pals, Club Deny, and A Little Surprise. You do not need to have read that series to enjoy this story.

Heather's Review:

Desmond has popped up in various series from A.W. Scott but we never quite knew what he was looking for... and now we know he was waiting for Daddy's Curious Boy!  This book is a low angst, high heat book that is fairly light on the kink and only introduces age play at the very end... almost as an afterthought...

I loved the way the story opens - machinations of friends and family that bring together Des and Ryder on a blind date where sparks fly.  I love how hip and connected Ryder's Gran is and wish she'd played a bigger role in the book... only because I think her shenanigans would have been epic!   I also wish that the epilogue would have stayed more in the tone of the book, but it was a great read and a nice addition to the Daddies for Dollars series.

I have read A.W. Scott's other series and knew the side characters, but I don't think it would detract from your standalone read if you haven't.

Rating: 4 Stars

Daddy's Curious Boy is available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.