Bite Club by Eule Grey

Bite Club is set in a unique world with interesting characters and a dog who guides people on their way. 

From the blurb:

Lenni lives on the civilised side of the wall, a hard worker who follows the rules. He's super-fit and
healthy, with everything he could wish for; an office, app-friends, and enough medications to suppress the extraneous. Like everyone in his country, Lenni’s safe. So why does the big, handsome guy cry each night? What of his aching heart and empty arms? When supervisor Lion offers a place in Bite Club, why would Lenni jump at the chance to cross the forbidden wall? Fighting? It doesn’t make sense. Maybe that’s the whole point.

Mino lives on the wild side, with untamed hair and oh-so-gentle hands. He understands about the desperate people who sometimes make it over the wall, and of the ancient deal between governments which established the whole fa├žade. It’s got nothing to do with him. Until the day his people force him into the circle to confront the guy from the medicated side. Very soon, everything clever Mino knows becomes as meaningless as dust. Nobody can appreciate what it is to be needed, even loved, until it hits them right between the eyes.

When Lenni and Mino are thrust together in the Bite Club circle, both men are shocked and confused by what happens afterwards and by the raging thirst ignited within them. Is it Bite Club, or snuggle club? In the end, you don’t have to talk about it to understand.

Angel's Review:

Bite Club by Eule Grey takes place in a world nothing like ours. There are two sides, one side has all the technological advancements, not illnesses and no emotions. Things are structured and that's how they live. The other side has illnesses, but they also have animals, grass, trees, seasons, and people who have emotions.

Lenni yearns for his turn over the wall, it's all he thinks about, cause that's the time when he can truly feel. Mino is a nurse, once his people informs him about the man who keeps coming over the wall he goes to meet him. And from there they both change each other lives for the better.

I liked this story, the place setting was really unique which I enjoyed. The reason for my low rating was more because I kept getting confused. Example, Lenni kept talking about how so many people went over the wall as they were apart of the Bite Club, but then later in the book we get told something else entirely.

Overall it was a good and unique story, I just got confused.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Bite Club is available to buy as an ebook