Ben: MMM Paranormal Shifter Romance, (Assassin's To Order Book 2) by JP Sayle and Lisa Oliver

Ben gives us an MMM pairing as the second book in the Assasin's to Order series, which is a spin off and set in the same world as the Tangled Tentacles series by this author duo. 

From the blurb:

Has Fate taken science and shown it who’s boss, when everything about Nico and Teilo is not what it seems?

Ben was happy looking out for the wider shifter population in his role as acting council lead. Then one particularly complex case involving the assassin program unfolds, making him question what he’s
doing. When Ben comes across a photo, it sends him on a race home to Paraguay to fight for the shifter’s ultimate gift—his mates.

When the scientists leave Teilo and the others to rot in their cages—disappearing without a word—Teilo is ready to give up. Every waking minute of his life he dreams of freedom, a life he wants to share with Nico. Teilo doesn’t understand their connection, he just knows he can trust it soul deep.

Nico knows nothing else but life in a cage and his skills to bestow death on those the Devil wants dead. The only person who keeps him from going feral is his cage brother, Teilo. The man scientists use to get Nico to comply with their demands. Kept in their animal forms, with no food or water, they both know the end is coming for them.

That is, until a strange cat visits their basement…

Finding each other is just the beginning. Teilo and Nico have to heal, and Ben has a responsibility to the council. Can the three men untangle the binds that hold them and find the answers before someone else has to suffer the same fate?

Ben is a gritty MMM Paranormal Romance story. The book includes scenes of graphic violence and intimacies between three men (none of which are blood related). We intend it for adults only—please store your e-content responsibly and enjoy.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

I finished Marvin with Ben not being my favorite guy. Yes, as a member of the council he seemed to be working towards making changes, but he also tried to get Marvin to go through tests knowing what that lovely shifter had been through. It didn't exactly endear me to him and I was dubious about his true intentions. Thankfully Ben having his own book cleared that right up. He's firmly on the side of good and despite wanting to make things better for the shifter world, he rightfully places his mates above everything else. As it should be.

My heart absolutely broke for Nico and Tielo. The horror they'd endured was even worse than the Lost Boys. Ben almost didn't make it in time to save them they were so bad off. They were also completely cut off from the real world. These panther shifters had no concept of money, mates, common decency, or even sexuality. No information was shared with them except for the barest amount needed for them to kill their target. It was abuse of the highest order. It was sickening. Nothing made me happier than when their revenge was decided to be carried out.

This book isn't as steamy as the previous one or the Tangled Tentacles series. Ben's mates were not in a good way when they are first rescued and they also had significant trauma to heal from as well. I didn't mind this. I too was more focused on making sure the men who did this to them could never hurt another soul again. I loved how Ben worked hard to make sure his mates had everything they could want in the end. He was determined to make their dreams come true and he never once complained about any sacrifices it would take on his part.

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

After Marvin, Ben wasn't my favorite character, so I was surprised he was getting his mate. He wasn't a bad person as such, just naive in a lot of ways.

Telio and Nico went through so much before Ben could get to them, and he really earned his redemption in my eyes by the way he treated them and helped them learn about the world. These two know very little about life outside of a cage.

Low angst in the relationship. Some violence as the mates take out the trash scientists and some sweet, sexy times.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

So far, I have read every single book in this series, as well as the Thalassa brother's series. Let me just say, In order to get maximum enjoyment from all of the books, along with the characters, I highly recommend reading them all. Every single one, cause if you don't you're missing out on wonderful characters, and the added details you get from each book. 

This addition featured Ben, and his two mates Teilo and Nico, who were captives of the scientist's. They weren't born, they were created in test tubes, and treated like experiments. Both of the men thought they were going to die in those cages, until this man, along with his brothers, comes and rescued them both. And from that moment on, Ben teaches them about things that no one has ever thought them before.

It is so sweet to see, the almost childlike features of both Teilo and Nico. They both remind me of Marvin, just not as sunshiney. They both have a lot to learn, and sometimes they have trouble understanding what's going on around them. But on thing is for sure, they are going to do whatever they can to protect each other, now that they are free. 

The writing across all of these books have been truly incredible! How both of these authors manage to not only keep all the details straight, but to also come up with more details and scenes astound me! All of that to say that this was really well written. Terrific background, excellent plot lines, great side characters, and I love the action scenes. They are so good! A bit descriptive at times, but in a good way! 

In this book we as readers got introduced to soo many new characters. Primarily all of Ben's family. I enjoyed that they all had their own individual personalities, that set all of them apart from one another. 

I'm really looking forward to Duron's story, I'm eager to know who his mate is, along with what we're going to learn in the next book! Will we find out who the 'Devil' is? Will we uncover more of the horrific actions that occured at the hands of these despicable men? We have to wait to find out.

I highly recommend not only this book, but this series to anyone who loves a good mystery, along with terrific characters.
Rating: 5 Stars

Ben is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.