The Geek Jock Switch by Joe Satoria (The Shaftdale Daddies Book 2)


Sweet, fluffy and low angst daddies and boys are what Joe Satoria writes best, and he does it again with The Geek Jock Switch

From the blurb:

Served hot and geeky.

Searching for love, Carter has a specific set of desires, and he doesn’t think anyone will fit. Until he meets an old high school crush. They might not have shared biology in high school, but now they’re ready to make chemistry as adults.

Will Carter find his perfect match in a geeky Daddy?

As a reformed high school jock, Grayson never got to fully express himself until his football career was cut short. Now, he’s a librarian with a hole in his life. And he might’ve just found the little to fill it.

Can Grayson be who his little needs him to be?

There’s something hot and geeky happening in Shaftdale.

The Geek Jock Switch is the second in the Shaftdale Daddies series. This series is low angst, high heat, and stuffed with feels. Visit Shaftdale and find your Daddy today.

Heather's Review:

The Geek Jock Switch brings together two sweet men who deserve to get what they want... and one wants a daddy and the other wants a little... so it works out well...

This book has a bit slower build than some of Joe's books, as the characters begin to uncover things they have in common, and the progression seems natural and sweet... but once they get to steamy, that part is definitely part of the story too.

We see a lot of Owen and Jonny from book 1, but The Geek Jock Switch stands well as a standalone story as well.

Rating: 4 Stars

The Geek Jock Switch is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription