Running from Darkness, Dark River Stone Collective #3 by J.P. Sayle

JP broke my heart and put it back together again with Kyle and Conall's story, Running from Darkness.

From the blurb:

Conall is on the run. Kyle wants someone who will want him for who he is. Can they find what they need in each other, or will it all blow up in their faces?

An unthinkable situation leads Conall to violence. On the run with his injured sister, he makes a snap decision to seek the favor that the Dark Angels’ president, Killer, owes the Chosen Few. When Conall’s brothers turn their back on him, he has everything to lose if Killer refuses to help. When Kyle, a member of the Dark Angels, gives him a place to stay, Conall realizes the most valuable thing he could lose isn’t his freedom but his heart.

Kyle is in a dating funk. Then late one night, while caring for Killer’s daughter, River, a late-night visitor throws him a curveball. As everything unravels, Kyle offers Conall sanctuary in his home. But will Conall’s past make it impossible for there to be more between them? Kyle’s putting everything on the line, but is Conall?

Running from Darkness, the third book in Dark River Stone Collective, is an MC gay romance with angst, hurt-comfort, and newfound family.

Trigger Warnings: Violent. Scene of rape (not main characters but secondary) and discussion around topic.

Angel's Review:

I was not expecting the turmoil I felt while reading this story, I was torn up within the first few chapters. What that sick man did to Calli was horrendous and it made me sick, and unbelievably sad for her, and Conall. 

Kyle is such a sweetheart, people always told him he had a bleeding heart but that's just how he was raised. He was raised to help others, and to show compassion. And that's what he did. 

The way their relationship was 'built' was so sweet, there was a bit of a.. back and forth going on at times but it fit with how the characters are. River is such a cutie she said things all matter of fact, and cared about all of her family. Even the new family members. And Calli? She is such a tough character in this book, something awful happened to her and she just tried to keep going. 

I really enjoyed reading this story, it was about getting back up again, and accepting help from those who mean well, and falling in love. While this book does have heavier topic matter River and Calli's characters really lightened up the storyline, they added a cuteness and comedy to the book. Well written, good characters, and the topics that were featured in this book was handled really well. I wish that we could have know how Kyle joined the Dark Angels. I don't think that was ever mentioned, nor did we get to see his mom again. She was mentioned in the first chapter, and the not again. 

Overall though a really great book! I did not read the other two in this series and I still enjoyed this book. So I'm pretty sure this can be read as a standalone. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Nicole's Review:

I read Running from Darkness as a stand-alone, and had no major issues. Calli had to go through a nightmare scenario to create the timeline that brings Conall and Kyle together. 

On the run from club justice they’re desperate and cling to the hope of an owed favor from another MC. JP did an outstanding job with the portrayal of how desperate these pair were, and the emotional hurdles and guilt a SA woman and her family have to work through. And through it all Kyle is so supportive and just a fantastic guy. I feel like we learned more of his backstory in the books I skipped, so I did wish we had a little more. 

Overall this was an emotional roller coaster that left me with happy tears at the end. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

A surprise from an unknown author, who dove into the turmoil that stems from motorcycle clubs, along with their need for loyalty.  There were a few discrepancies that I will briefly discuss at the end. 

My heart yearned for Calli to reach out and let her know she never deserved what she survived and to help her get through her difficult times.  Also, for the responsibility and guilt Conall put on himself unnecessarily. They were both such strong characters, never realizing their inner strength. 

Kyle was such a sweetheart and just what Con and Calli needed. Their banter was understood, as Con’s trust had previously been shattered. But Kyle’s patience and perseverance were key to gaining and building a solid foundation. 

River completely stole the show with her sassy demeanor and adult-like actions with chastising.  Calli wasn't far behind her with her antics, either. 

My only concerns were with one, why was there no follow-through with charges for Earl, especially with the evidence? Second, why were there no repercussions for Earl’s actions, specifically after his admittance? And lastly, am I missing Kyle's backstory??  

Otherwise, fantastic book with an incredible storyline and even more interesting characters! Hopefully, we'll see more of River!! 

Rating: 4 Stars

Running from Darkness is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.