Pride by RJ Scott (Single Dads book 6)

Pride is more than just a story about two single dads...  

From the blurb:

A blazing connection between single dads from opposite sides of the tracks is fraught with secrets and lies, and a happily ever after is impossible, unless they take a chance on love.

Saved a long time ago by a man who saw a diamond in the rough, Logan is a single dad and the owner of Redcars Automotive, a haven for those in need. With custody of his daughter under scrutiny, his life is upended when a journalist looking for a story slips into his life without him realizing. Logan doesn’t want Gray more than once, but when sharing the secrets of his past won’t get the journalist to leave, what else can he do?

After blaming himself for missing signs that his son was ill, Gray feels Ben is safer with his ex-wife and her new pediatrician husband. With a heart heavy with guilt, and his documentary company failing to find a story, he’s searching for some spark in his life to fix everything. When a series of arson attempts draws him to Los Angeles, he meets the secretive, scarred, and tattooed Logan, who makes him an offer that Gray knows he should refuse.

This opposites attract love story features two single dads reaching a crossroads in life, angst, secrets, arson, intimidation, and a found family so tightly connected that nothing can break it apart.

Heather's Review:

Pride is raw, angsty and combines single fatherhood with investigative journalism, evil capitalism and of course a custody battle pitting Logan against his ex-wife and her new husband... and I was there for all of it!

This book combines opposites attract, a need to seek the truth and two souls that are destined to meet over the hood of a car (repeatedly)... an avenging bad boy never looked so good...

If you like a side of criminal investigation with your single dad story, pick up Pride - it was definitely compelling!

Rating; 5 Stars

Pride is available in wide release as both an e-book and a paperback.