Love and War (Beast of Burden #1) by E.M. Lindsey

I previously read Love and War when it was published under Ariel Miller, but I had to read it again now that it's been republished!

From the blurb:

As an Alpha of the First War, the only thing I had ever known was battle.

Captured, bound, and unable to see, I wasn't the sort of Alpha to give up without a fight. Escape turned out to be the easy part, but coping with everything else threatened to drop me to my knees.

Learning that my injuries were permanent made me question my abilities as an Alpha, but when my Wolf wanted to bond with the human who had been brought in along with me, I started to question my sanity. Never mind that I had no time for a mate, there was no way the resistance would follow a blind Alpha with a human as his bonded.

Still, they had little choice. More of our people were going missing every day, and it was starting to look like the corruption was going all the way to the top.

Love and War is the first book in a Dystopian MM Werewolf trilogy featuring A/B/O hierarchy with no m-preg, mild violence, and a happily ever after. Beast of Burden books are not stand-alone and should be read in order. Love and War is a second edition, previously released under a different title, series, and the pen name Ariel Millar.

Angel's Review:

This story is about Kor, an alpha who was captured by bad people and was experimented on. Due to those experiments he was rendered blind, he no longer has eyesight. He has to learn how to rely on his other senses.

Misha is a human... Or at least he was one. He's a historian he's been studying the comparisons between wolves and humans. His father is a scientist... One who decided to experiment on his son. (Can I just say that this is so messed up that a father would treat his own son as a lab rat. Although I understand why it was written that way. It added to the story)

That experiment turned him into something he didn't recognize anymore, due to the help of a beta who snuck into the facility Misha was able to escape with Kor.

After they escape is when all the healing and frustrations, anguish, grief, and loss starts to take over.

I could disclose more information but that would spoil the book for those of you who have yet to read it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, I loved that aspect of wolves. I wish it was longer... But I understand why it was written this way. It is not mean to be read as a standalone! You must read all of the books in order to understand what's happening. 

It seemed as though right when something was about to happen it ended. However, I still really enjoyed this. Everything was really well written and I'm now on to the next one. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Love and War is available to buy as an ebook.