His Bonded Omega Mate, Sweetwater Pack #3 by Jax Stuart

The Sweetwater Pack returns with a more angsty, darker story in His Bonded Omega Mate

From the blurb:

Life in Sweetwater was supposed to be a fresh start for Roan. A new family, friends, and an important
job. However, remaining behind during the beta sickness put a target on his back. While fighting for his life, he happens upon his fated mate, but there's a complication. He's emotionally bonded to two betas and wants Roan to accept the three of them.

Time is running out for Hiroshi. He must find his fated mate before he is forced into an arranged marriage with an alpha known for not taking no as an answer. With the goddess on his side, he meets Roan, his fated mate and an alpha that seems willing to give their unconventional mating a try.

There are unforeseen consequences for shifter kind when the four try to bond that could change things forever.

His Bonded Omega Mate is book #3 of the Sweetwater Pack series and should be read in order. This book is slightly darker than the previous two, with more instances of violence and some off page, though discussed on page, coerced consent. While there is MMMM content, this is not a poly romance for Roan. In this series, men can carry babies and also lactate.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

I just finished my arc of the 3rd book in the Sweetwater pack series and it's a doozy folks! First things first. I alpha read this book, but I promise you'll get nothing but honesty from me in this review. I'll even admit I was a teeny bit worried going in as I'm not usually a big fan of MM+. No that's not quite right. I enjoy it, but there are a few qualifiers I need and open communication is one of them. It helped immensely that we got all 4 MCs POV. I was able to see what was going on in their heads, even if it went against their actions. Honestly based on how things were turning out at the start I had no idea how Stuart was going to pull this all together and give everyone an HEA. Asher was the MC I was rooting for the most (I love an underdog, or underlion I guess?), while Stuart was ready to banish him to Luna knows where!

There were a lot of things that had to happen for these MCs to find their way. Their struggles felt realistic to me. Sometimes no matter how much you wish for something to work, it doesn't always happen. You can't magically make a relationship perfect, especially one with not just two, but four individuals with their own feelings to take into account. A lot of time was spent with one or more of the MCs too busy trying to make another person happy, than actually figuring out what it was that was going to make THEM happy too. It took them some time, and a lot of hard work, but eventually Asher, Roan, Tate, and Hiro found their balance and I truly believe it worked out how it was supposed to in the end for all parties involved.

Now aside from the romance, we have some major revelations that occur. I'm not going to name them, because it was great being surprised when I read about it. There is so much potential for where the next books could go. Though I'm a huge fan of Axel and cannot wait for his book, hint hint, I'm also dying for Larken as well. That man was such a support to Roan and his family, even though it must have hurt him to do so. I need that giant lizard to get his happy ending. It's no less than he deserves for being a stellar packmate and friend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Molly Otto's review:

This was a hard earned and unconventional poly book. Roan has the most beautiful soul that without him I don't see how this could have ended as it did. Hiro shows you can love before being fated and more after just takes some time and pain to get there. Sweet beautiful Tate is the glue that keeps these men together even when everything else may be against it. Stubborn Asher learns to accept things out of his control cause once he does that he will have all the love in the world.

This was the darkest and most angsty of the Sweetwater Pack to date and will admit my favorite as well. Love to see when conventional relationships are turned on their head and you see new hope for future generations. I can not wait to see what Jax has in store for us next with the Sweetwater Pack!

His Bonded Omega Mate is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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