Flip Job by Raleigh Ruebins (Fixer Brothers Construction Co Book 1)

Spinning off from the Red's Tavern series, particularly the final book, The Contractor, Raleigh Ruebins takes us back to the same small town and invites us to meet the men of Fixer Brothers Construction Co, starting with Shawn in Flip Job.

From the blurb:

My house needs a flip job…
And my best friend’s brother has all the right equipment.

I swore I’d never be back in this little mountain town where I grew up. But Dad left me his old fixer-upper house and a brewery full of employees who seem to hate me, and both are in need of some elbow grease and charm.

Lucky me: my best friend co-owns a construction company, Fixer Brothers Construction Co, ready to hire for renovations. Luckier me: his formerly scrawny little brother Shawn has grown into a tall, built, knuckle-bitingly hot construction worker.

He looks damn good in flannel... and better with it off.

I can have a little fun, right?

I want him in my bed, and I’m good at getting what I want. Turns out all those years of construction work have done him good, body and soul. He’s the whole package.

Shawn’s sweet, sensitive, and has been through hell. For a heartbreaker like me, he should be off-limits. And his brother knows way too much about my bad habits from the past: get in, get out, never commit.

But he's flipping my whole world, and I know I don’t want him to stop.

Heather's Review:

Flip Job is a low angst, brother's best friend romance between a man who left town and the now grown up boy who had a huge crush on him growing up...

It's a slow build as the main characters work through their pasts and figure out what they want in the present and then Raleigh Ruebins turns up the heat!

It was a great story and a lovely introduction to this next chapter in the town's story.  I'm sure we'll see many more characters from the Red's Tavern series do cameos, as well as more hot carpenters as the series continues.  It can easily be read standalone if you want to jump into the new series without having read the first one...

Rating: 4 Stars

Flip Job is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.