Fine Line: Irons and Works: Key Largo by E.M. Lindsey

A fantastic first book in Key Largo! We get introduced to new characters, new places, and pesky iguanas!

From the blurb for Fine Line:

Paris is pretty sure it doesn’t get worse than being forced to listen to his hot Deaf neighbor having a very good time with his FWB.


And to make matters worse, Ben is one of the nicest guys he’s has ever met. He makes Paris want things he’s never allowed himself to want.

Paris moved across the country to start work at the new Irons and Works shop in Key Largo for a fresh start, but that wasn’t supposed to involve falling for the adorable, shy motel owner.

It wasn’t supposed to involve allowing himself to be vulnerable for the first time in his life. But helpless against Ben’s charms, Paris wants to flay himself open and let himself be overwhelmed.

There’s a fine line between hope and reality, and Paris will give anything for Ben to have the patience to wait as he learns how to cross it.

Fine Line features slumber parties, first kisses, blanket forts, menacing jellyfish, emotional hurt/comfort, found family, and grumpy soft for sunshine. Each book in the Irons and Works: Key Largo series can be read as a stand-alone.

Angel's Review:

E.M. is an author that I'm probably always going to admire. And.. always buy their books, they just have such a way with words. The characters they create are always fantastic, and the places they write about are so immensely detailed. Their books blow me away every time I read them, and this one is no exception! 

So, I've read the original Irons and Works series, not every single book but a majority of them. I was nervous about this book, but also really excited. I was nervous because we had to say goodbye to characters and places, we as readers, hot attached to. But! EM created new places and new characters for us to grow attached to, and get excited about. Want to know my favorite part about this book? We got to see characters from the previous books, and it was mentioned in the story, that we could potentially see more past characters pop up in this series! Which makes me soo excited!!

This book, like the other Irons and Works books, was well written, heavily detailed, the topic matter was clearly well researched, and the characters were fantastic! All of the side characters had a reason to be there, and they all added so much depth and emotion to the story. Not to mention all of the possible stories for all of them. Eli, Andrew, Callisto.. I could go on, and on, but those men's stories are ones I really would like to read about! Especially Callisto, his character intrigued me so much in this book, and I want to know more about him and his daughter! 

The main characters in this book were great! It warmed my heart the way Ben tried to create memories for Paris, he tried to give Paris experiences he missed out on when he was a child. Those tender and thoughtful moments warmed my heart! Paris was a tricky character, a bit aloof, definitely rough around the edges. He had to grow up fast to get himself and his younger brother out of a bad situation. He doesn't know how to accept other people caring about him, or wanting to help him. But with the help of Ben and his new family at the shop he slowly learns how. 

I really enjoyed the scenes we got of Max and Paris's relationship. It was unorthodox and maybe not what you first think of a sibling relationship, but it was how they showed their love for one another. 

Overall a fantastic book, and I'm excited for Max's story!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

EM Lindsey doesn't shy away from giving her characters real world issues and traits.  Ben is profoundly deaf and uses Cochlear implants and Paris grew up in an abusive home, ignored and starved for affection... but these two wonderful men meet and embrace their attraction to one another and the story is beautiful.

With elements of hurt/comfort and a chance to explore fun and frivolity on inventive dates, their relationship is strengthened until it's tested... 

I'm really looking forward to the way the next chapter of Irons and Works Key Largo will unfold and I hope that we see more of the killer iguanas, the great cast of characters including Ben's friends and co-workers and of course the guys from the tattoo parlor!

Rating: 5 Stars

Fine Line is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.