Family Home by Blake Allwood (Coming Home - Book 2)

Like the first book in the Coming Home series, Family Home is a low heat, high angst story spanning years... 

From the blurb:

Facing the past is never fun, especially when it involves seeing the man you still love. When their lives are once again intertwined, is a second chance possible?

Ash once stabbed his heart when he broke up with him, who cares if it was high school, pain is still pain. And speaking of pain, this broken foot has done nothing but keep him stuck in Crawford City.

Ash is now the town doctor after his dad retired, which means when the incredibly handsome and totally pissed off Todd comes in, Ash is the only person in town who can treat him.

Like it or not, when Ash and Todd’s dads drop a major bomb on them, the two men are forced to deal with one another.

Will they find a way around teenage misunderstandings and bad choices to rekindle a love that’s never stopped boiling, or will their pride forever keep them apart?

Heather's Review:

Family secrets, long held pain, teenage misunderstandings and so much more bring the angst and drama to Family Home, a second chance romance that doesn't rush to a HEA...

Once again, the world building and secondary characters make reading this story deeper than most romances, and it can get a little confusing in places, but the end result is worth it!

Please note this is a low heat romance that focuses on the relationship and the family story, so if you're looking for steam, this won't be your jam... but if you love a well crafted slow build, low heat story, you'll love diving into Family Home.

Rating: 4 Stars

Family Home is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.