Aussie Sun by C.F. White (Flying into Love book 4)

We're winging away for a fourth installment of C.F. White's Flying Into Love with a trip down under to reunite a father with a daughter he's rarely seen and a chance to find his heart's desire under the Aussie Sun

From the blurb:

Can a splash of Aussie sun sway a retired MP to vote one last time…for love?

Retired English MP Jeffrey Gandy has had enough. Of people. Of politics. Of pursuing love. After a lifetime in the public eye, he’s on extended leave in Australia to renew his bond with his long-lost daughter.

Aussie swimming coach Hunter Ford has a race to win. This time he’s out of the pool, and fighting the developers determined to make him and his rescue animals homeless. Without the money to afford a lawyer, he’s no choice but to bury his head in the golden sand of his beloved bay.

When Jeffrey forms an unlikely friendship with his daughter’s swimming coach, the twenty-eight year age gap should be enough of a deterrent for him not to get involved, no matter how gorgeous the athlete with a heart of gold is.

Both Jeffrey and Hunter have been burned before, so trust doesn’t come as easy as their mutual attraction. But Jeffrey is meant to be in Australia for his daughter, not to chase young men as he's reminded time again by his ex-wife.

Can Hunter make Jeffrey realise he’s allowed to fall in love too? And can he do it before Hunter’s persuaded away by someone else…someone who doesn’t have his best interests at heart?

Aussie Sun (Flying into Love #4) is a contemporary, low angst, slow-burn, Age-Gap, MM romance featuring a disgraced English MP hiding from his mistakes and a happy-go-lucky Aussie animal-lover with a desperate need to please.

Heather's Review:

Aussie Sun is a delicious age gap, neighbour, slow burn romance with a fair bit of angst, two men with a past that catches up with them and some treachery afoot...

Hunter and Jeffrey are wonderful characters, as are Hunter's friends, but I have to say that I love to hate some of the other side characters... and that made for an added layer of angst and reading...

Well written, well paced and an enjoyable read!

Rating: 5 Stars

Laora's Review:

The Flying into Love series has been a pleasure to read. This fourth book was a pleasure to read and overall was low angst with mostly likable and lovable characters. The main characters, Jeffrey and Hunter both are almost to sweet and caring for their own good.

Jeffrey fled from the UK on the back of a scandal, to Australia where his daughter Crissy and ex-wife Penny, with whom he co-parents,  reside. He goes there to reconnect with his daughter after being unable to visit during covid. As it happens he is temporarily living next to Hunter, who has a menagerie of all kind of rescued creatures, and turns out to be his daughters swim coach. These men will find their hea/hfn with the other, however getting takes a bit. It is not that they don't recognize the affection and attraction, but is several people around them who try to derail their love. 

 I had no sympathy for Stuart, Hunter his ex who turns out to be more conniving than I thought he was. 
Crissy, is teenager and slowly but surely changes her opinion about her dad, however sometimes she comes across as a mini me of her mom. However I found Penny undermining/ gas-lighting towards Jeffrey, yes he might have hurt her 10 years ago, but why behave like she does now? She keeps info from Jeffrey in regards to his daughters needs  Things about the rental property and expects him to jump at her back and call. However she is on the cusp of marry again to Ethan, so I don't get it and would have loved Jeffrey to get a bit more confrontational with her and Ethan.

And lastly I have to give a shout out to C.F. to create Eden, the silent strong supportive friend and Ash, who made me smile every time he came along in this story; as a teacher and friend. They both are the icing on the cake for me. I hope we visit these two in another book. I also hope the author comes back to Jeffrey and Hunter in a couple years time, story wise, to see if Jeffrey will be advocating for the underdogs again and not be just  there for Hunter and his sanctuary.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Aussie Sun is available as a paperback and e-book and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription