Assisted by Carly Marie (Nashville Grizzlies Book 4)

Assisted gives us a glimpse into a world where people are not entirely what they project to the world... 

From the blurb:

Foolish is judging a book by its cover… or a hockey coach by his suit

As assistant coach of the Nashville Grizzlies, Imil Bouchard has everything he needs, except maybe a Daddy. On the wrong side of forty and not looking for a traditional Dom, he knows there’s no point wishing for what he can’t have. And of course, he’s drawn to the extra-anxious director who exudes the need for a Daddy not a boy.

Blaise Emory found his calling in Nashville as the director of hockey. He’s good at his job, but people and locker rooms make him nervous. Most work days are spent battling his nerves, except when he’s around the very take-charge assistant coach. Imil would be the perfect Daddy, if only Blaise needed a Dom.

Anxiety keeps Blaise from downloading a dating app, so finding a boy isn’t likely. When an early morning discovery turns into the opening he’s been looking for, Blaise must prove to both of them that he’s the Daddy Imil never dared to dream about.

This 90k word MM romance includes overprotective best friends, crazy family, a beloved stuffed giraffe, and a guaranteed HEA. New and familiar characters add an extra layer of friendly chaos and humor to Blaise and Imil’s journey. Assisted is the third book in the Nashville Grizzlies series and while it can be read as a stand alone, it will be best enjoyed in order.

Heather's Review:

Just because someone projects a certain image, doesn't mean there isn't more to unwrap beneath the surface... and Carly Marie helps us unwrap two such wonderful characters in Assisted...

With a stressful job as an Assistant coach in the NHL, Imil has spent years coping and hiding part of himself, waiting for a daddy... and someone to see beneath the image he projects...  Blaise has been waiting for the right boy to see past his anxiety and nerves to find the Daddy Dom he keeps at home... both of them just want someone to love... so hopefully with a 'little' help from friends and family, they will eventually unwrap the hidden treasures within themselves.

I loved everything about this book - the pacing (which is definitely on the slow burn side), the comraderie, the communication and the sweetness of the characters.  I also loved that no one tried to force a square peg into a round hole and that was refreshing, too!

If you like a Daddy/boy story with some age play elements and a reverse age gap, a sweet stuffed Giraffe named Gerald and an abundance of Bear Checks, you'll want to snap up Assisted!  This book can be read standalone, however your depth of enjoyment and ability to smile at inside jokes will be enhanced by starting at the beginning of the series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Assisted is available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription;