A Subtle Scar: Psychopomped Book One by Alexa Piper

A Subtle Scar is a Hellbound series spin off but Angel assures us that you don't need to read those first.

From the blurb:

Chandler’s life is well-ordered and running like clockwork. He’s liked and respected at his job with the Federal Investigative Service where he is a consulting mage, and he likes the work: solving crimes. The darkness in his own past doesn’t bother him, not while he gets to help other people.

Then, one day, Chandler is forced to take vacation time in order to attend a friend’s birthday party. There he meets two immortals, two gods, who seem to think he is the hottest thing since the discovery of fire.

And while Chandler would be fine with a little fun on his terms, that doesn’t seem to be what the gods had in mind.

Hermes and Charon, intimately close frenemies with benefits, have solved the problem of the delectable human they both want: share him. Because sharing is better than losing your favorite frenemy to monogamy. Also, handsome Chandler is high maintenance for a human and demands their full support for his crime solving passion.

Will Chandler find a way to get rid of the divine duo pursuing him or will his past hurts catch up with him? Will Hermes and Charon manage to satisfy their demanding boyfriend while they help him solve his case? And will the three of them understand that sharing has to be caring, even if you don’t fully understand the other?

Content Warning: This MMM romance contains sexual content only suitable for mature audiences. Themes of past trauma and grief are present.

Angel's Review:

This was an interesting read for me. I didn't quite know what to expect but I dove into this book anyway. 

At first the way this book was written confused me a bit, it was difficult to figure out which character was talking and who they were referring to. But eventually I was able to differentiate that, and I got used to that writing style. Charon, Hermes, and Chandler's relationship progressed very slowly, this is very much a slow burn story. I liked Hermes and Charon's characters, they were goofy and a bit.. childlike at times, but they were really great characters. Chandler was a good character in his own right as well, more serious, more focused and definitely career driven. He wasn't just going to let these two men sleep with him without working for it. 

The mystery that's going on in this book is really good, I could have never of guessed what these men ended up finding. It was a complete surprise! I do wish there was more information about Chandler having those 'dreams' about his deceased brother, but there might be more information about that in the next book. 

I wish there was more relationship building with these men, but overall it was a great read. Just to let potential readers now, it's definitely a HFN! And I would say the spice level is a.. 4. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Set in the same universe as The Devil's Necromancer, I'd suggest reading the trilogy, if not the spin off books, before reading A Subtle Scar because there is much of the worldbuilding missing from there. It's assumed you know about the magical set up etc. Arguably it can be read as a standalone, but I feel like you'd be missing out without that background.

A slow, slow burn as Chandler is prickly and defensive throughout, a man with many secrets and a tragic past.

Loved Charon, absolutely my favourite of the 3. He gives wisdom to the group through his observations of humanity.

This will be another series so it is largely setting up the relationship and setting the scene for upcoming books

Rating: 4 Stars

A Subtle Scar is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.