A Naiad's Promise: An MM Fantasy Romance (A Naiad Romance Book 5) by Gigi Rivers

Although A Naiad's Promise can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading it as part of the series, each book is a quick read and so good!

From the blurb:

An MM fantasy romance with a human virgin, a naiad pirate, a failed one-night stand, age-difference, hurt/comfort, magic, and a kraken.

Ratherin is a virgin who dreams of a world beyond his small island. When pirates visit, Ratherin is captivated by the older water nymph and pirate Aneya. They share one passionate night. But as the sun rises and Aneya departs, Ratherin is left with nothing but memories. And a promise. A promise that Aneya will return and seek Ratherin out.

But when Aneya comes back, Ratherin’s world has been engulfed by grief after the death of his beloved uncle. On an impulse, Ratherin leaves his home and travels to Temple Island. Unable to leave Ratherin alone with his sorrow, Aneya stays by his side, offering solace and comfort.

Their connection and passion deepen, and Ratherin realises he wants more than just a temporary respite from his pain. He wants a love that will last a lifetime. And he wants that with Aneya.

But Aneya only planned for their relationship to be temporary. After all, Ratherin is too young and his grief is too deep for him to truly know his own heart.

Will Aneya open his heart to Ratherin? Or will fear cause him to hold back?

Jacquie's Review:

Rath was an absolute sweetheart and Anyea tested my patience but the relationship that they had by the end was worth it.

While A Naiad's Promise can be read as a standalone, there is more of an overarching storyline now, with the addition of magic, so I feel like reading more of the books would be better before reading this one. The addition of a kraken was so good! What a sweet character.

These are shorter books but enjoyable reads and this one had a few surprises.

Rating: 4 Stars

Holly's Review:

Full of emotions and a touch of angst. Rath is innocent and sweet, while Aneya seems more worldly, but the way he is drawn to Rath gave me goosebumps. Excellent world-building and 3D characters. 
This may have been my first book of Gigi’s, but I’ve definitely gone back to the beginning of this series and devoured them one by one!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Angel's Review:

This is my favorite book in this series!! I fell in love with Rath's eagerness and curiosity about the world, and what's out there, and I even grew fond of Aneya's skepticism, although, he made me quite upset when he broke Rath's heart.

But don't worry, this book has a happy ending! I not only really enjoyed the two MC's more in this book, but I also really loved the background. I enjoyed that this book has a different place setting than the previous books. I was exploring the new island right alongside these characters. The fact that Gigi came up with so many new ideas and concepts, along with different characters, just shows how determined she is to keep improving with each book in this series. They aren't the same, each book is quite different in its own way. The scenery was so beautifully written, I could imagine the island these characters were on, and I really liked Eirooka. I wasn't expecting that, and I'm really glad Gigi had put that character in the book, and not just as a background character that doesn't do much, but Eirooka played a pivotal role to the main action scene. 

I do have to say this book just made me more intrigued by the overarching plotline, and now there are more characters that I'm curious about. For example, Sion! I really would like to get his story at some point, as his character was somewhat of a mystery in this book. 

Overall, a really great book about learning how to carry on while dealing with grief and loss. How to find joy and beauty in the world, even when you feel bleak. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

A Naiad's Promise is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.