A Hero in Hiding, Vexing Villains #2 by Alice Winters

I could not hide my glee when I knew there was finally going to be a sequel to A Villain for Christmas and the cover for A Hero in Hiding? Perfect.

From the blurb:

My days are filled with perusing August’s sexy body, reading, and petting my villain cat.

Or they should be.

Of course I can’t just kick back and let the world burn around me because August “cares” about people and while I really… don’t, the idea of my one true love waltzing off into danger has me chasing after him, flinging bad guys as far as I can with my telekinesis.

This sounds easy enough—I can fling people in my sleep—until someone uses an illusion to make me believe the worst. I might be one of the most powerful supers alive, but when it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s not, lines begin to blur.
Along with my band of… misfits (I’m trying to be nice here), including a firestarter who seems to excel at burning the clothes off others (I’m never going to complain about a naked August), an excitable assassin who really needs to start asking before he shoots, and an illusionist who is disgustingly normal, we’re going to save the world.

I’m joking; I don’t care about saving the world. I just want to make sure no one touches my man.

Jacquie's Review:

A Hero in Hiding is the sequel to A Villain for Christmas, and that one absolutely needs to be read first for context.

Landon and August have been together for months at the start of this book. They live together, and Landon encourages August to value himself above being a hero. Landon is grudgingly a hero now, too. Though only for August and there are plenty of laughs to be had as they navigate that.

I honestly thought that a sequel wouldn't be on the cards for this, but I'm so glad to have more of these characters as well as new ones.

There's a little more of a serious tone in this one, not only because Landon and August aren't trying to impress each other now they are in love, and Landon's villain family play less of a part. The story also asks the important question about how heroes should function as a part of law enforcement. A lot of the situations that August had to handle, really should have just been emergency services roles.

Love Deus! So fun! He brings a lot of the comedic relief. He and Leland would be hilarious together.

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

When Alice announced we were getting a second book in this crazy universe I was pumped! A Villian for Christmas is one of my favorite Alice books because of the outright hilarity of it all. I mean the city's beloved superhero falling in love with a supervillain. One who comes with the most insane family I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. The fact that we get some SAVCGEM moments in this book was also a real treat. I never know what those crazies are going to think up next. And the supervillain names! I died!

I love that Landon and August are still going strong. They may not be a normal couple, no matter what they think, but what they do have works for them. I never doubt that if one needs the other, whoever it is would move heaven and earth to be there for the other. AND WE GET AUGUSTS POV!!!!! This made me incredibly happy since we only got to be inside Landon's head in book 1. In addition to Lex, Landon and August have added two more supers to their merry band of somethings. Deus is quite the character. I don't even have words to describe him, and it was also apparent neither did our MCs.

“This is Deus. He’s our…” I glance at August, not exactly positive what he is.

“Entertainment,” August decides on.

“Yes, entertainment.”

The biggest surprise was the addition of Ellison to their friend group. I did NOT see that coming. Neither did I see coming what I hope is going to be a future book couple either. I mean I've already been chomping at the bit for Lex and Nolan. Now I have two couples I need Alice to write. This series is just so much fun. I swear Landon and I would make great friends. I hope to see more books in this world to come!

Rating: 5 Stars

A Hero in Hiding is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.