#ThrowbackThursday - Nothing Like Forever (Finding Forever #2) by Marie Sinclair

Today's #ThrowbackThursday is taking a look at Nothing Like Forever by Marie Sinclair. 

From 2/21 to 2/25, Nothing Like Forever will be free on Amazon in honor of Aromantic Awareness Week.

From the Blurb:

Jake and Micah met at eighteen and formed a deep connection the instant they saw each other. That was the easy part.

Nothing Like Forever is a soul mates-to-partners, can't-live-with-him/can't-live-without-him unconventional love story in which Jake doesn't want romance or a happily-ever-after, and Micah wants it all. With Jake. For twenty years they’ve been in and out of each other’s lives trying to get it right. They fail, retreat, disappear from each other’s lives for years at a time, and then fate (or a friend’s wedding) brings them back together for another attempt at making it work. Their connection always runs deep, but no matter what it takes for them to stay together, one thing’s certain: these guys have a unique path to finding their HEA, and when they get there, it might not look the way either of them expect.

This novel is about learning what you can and can’t expect from your partner and what you can and can’t accept for yourself in a relationship, what lines you’re willing to cross, what compromises you’re willing to make, and where you have to stay true to who you are no matter how you feel about the other person. It features an aromantic MC and a guaranteed HEA that’s as unique as these two men and the journey it takes them to find forever.

Trigger warning: this novel has mentions of alcoholism and dementia. It also features MCs who are consensually non-monogamous, but there are no on-page depictions of Jake and Micah with anyone except each other.


Micah put his glass on the table turned to face Jake, tucking a long leg gracefully underneath him, the leather creaking as he shifted positions. It might have been over a decade since the man had been on the stage, but Jake couldn’t mistake his grace. His body was still a dancer’s body. Elegant. Slender. Lithe muscles that were strong, so strong, and so very flexible.

He wanted Micah. No matter what had happened between them, that was never in question or up for debate. He wanted Micah as much as he had the first time they’d seen each other. In all the years, through all they’d been through and put each other through, that was a constant.

Staring into the amber liquid in his glass, Jake felt Micah’s intense gaze on him. Waiting. He took a sip of the whisky. Cleared his throat.

“Nothing’s changed.”

The alcohol made Jake’s voice rougher than he meant it to be, but Micah didn’t flinch. Instead, he uncurled his body, flowing upward and straddling Jake’s lap in one fluid movement. He tucked his legs on the outside of Jake’s thighs, then took the glass from Jake’s hand and drank what was left before putting it next to his own on the coffee table.

“I know.”

“If you can’t accept that. If you expect…”

“I don’t. I promise.”

“You’ve said that before.”

“And I hurt you. I’m sorry.”

Jake didn’t acknowledge or deny that statement as he searched Micah’s brilliant blue eyes for signs of doubt or uncertainty or deception. Finding none, he put his hands on Micah’s waist, and Micah sighed.

“Jake, please…”

Jake’s hands moved to cradle Micah’s head, fingers in his hair, thumbs brushing against his lips. He leaned closer. Micah’s breath smelled of rich caramel from the whisky. He whimpered as Jake closed the distance between them, then stopped, teasing at Micah, testing him, savoring the moment.

This moment of reconnection was one of Jake’s favorite things with Mi—the need to touch and taste his skin, to map the changes and similarities, remembering and learning at the same time, all as his desire to sink his cock inside the man, to hear him call out, burned hotter and hotter until neither of them could stand it a second longer.

No one else did this for him. No one else made him ache with need like Micah. Those feelings were always sharpest when they came back together after one of their silences. In those moments, he could almost feel the way all the songs and movies and cheesy cards said he should, and he wanted to make this precious knife’s edge on which they rested last as long as possible. Here they were only possibility and raw passion, and neither of them cared what they called it. Neither of them had expectations or made demands of the other. The pleasure they got from each other’s bodies was enough.

“Jake…” Micah whispered and closed his eyes.

Balanced between acquaintances and lovers once more, Jake knew Micah would wait as long as he needed him to, would never take more than was offered, never ask for more than Jake could give. That was always true at the beginning, but Jake knew it was especially true this time. Even if Jake decided not to go down this path again—like that was ever going to be a possibility—Micah would wait, and it gave Jake hope that they might figure out how to stay balanced this time. Micah was the only person with whom Jake was willing to break almost all his rules.

“Mi…” Jake breathed out the single syllable. “Do you want me?”

Micah’s eyes flew open, wild and beautiful, pupils blown, desire visible in their depths. “Yes. Always.”


Nothing Like Forever is available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. It will also be free from 2/21/23 - 2/25/23 in honor of Aromantic Awareness Week!